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B Calculator automatic rounding is screwing up my calculation.

  1. Aug 7, 2016 #1

    When I type into my calculator 13.6/(1.000000001)
    the calculator returns the answer 13.59999999

    Then, when I type 13.6/(1.0000000001)
    the calculator returns the answer 13.6.

    Obviously, both 13.6/(1.0000000001) and 13.6/1 cannot equal 13.6,

    so what's the deal with the calculator returning the wrong answer?
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    The calculator has a finite precision for displaying digits, it rounds 13.6/(1.0000000001) = 13.59999999864 (approximately) to 13.6. Try subtracting 13.6 from the result, often calculators have internally one or two more digits than they show.
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    Thank you
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