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Calculators Calculator that has wireless access?

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    Are there any calculators out there (like ti's or other) that can communicate with other calculators via text messaging?

    Our teacher said he will not allow any calculators on one of his exams because of this. I find it hard to believe that such a thing exists because i cant turn up any results in yahoo or google.

    Am I wrong? Thanks o:)
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    The only thing I can think of is a palm pilot or something with more advanced calculator software installed.
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    Do you need calculators for the test? He could just check that everyone brought a simple scientific calculator if it's really needed.

    I highly doubt his fears are founded though... what would be the point?
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    He's probably afraid of someone being sent the answers. I saw a report on tv about kids photographing test answers on their cell phones and then simply copying the answers off of the cell phones during the test. :rolleyes:
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    When everyone is half way through the exam, you bust your calculator and go to town:

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    What kind of test is it?
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    Probably art history.
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    lol well I am thinking that it's one where a calculator isn't really necessary :tongue:
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    Calculators? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say nope. Cell phones, palm pilots certainly though.

    However like cyrus, if calculators are banned, I doubt you'll need one. That would just be cruel on the part of the professor.
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    They exist okay..... Google on bluetooth calculator and you will find them; like this one here:
    There's a pic on the link and it looks just like an ordinary calculator.
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    Doesn't transmit from one calculator to another. Sure you could get it to, but if you're samrt enough to do that, why the hell are you in the class?
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    The only reason I have ever been given for not being allowed to use a graphing calculator is that you can store data on them. No prof has ever said anything about being able to message people with them
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    Nice watch. Watches are allowed right?
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