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California uses more gasoline than India or China

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    If it's true, that's a pretty astonishing statistic.

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    Before it's all over, California maybe will have used more than China in total, even if China soon starts to exceed California's consumption.
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    To include two important details, CA has a sixth of the GDP of China and a thirtieth of the population.
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    Let's see.... Lots of people that need to get from one place to another.... Long commutes.... Stop-and-go driving on freeways....

    Hmm. Could a public investment in public transportation in California help out a bit. Probably not - oil companies could suffer.
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    Now does folks suppose CA would be so ready to expend so much on fuel if costed at UK prices?

    Lets see .. Diesel at Shell filling station 2 miles away is uk £1.34/litre
    US. gallon = 3.785 litres
    UK pound = $1.9956 at present.

    Ten bucks and 12 cents gets you a gallon :cry:
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    I wonder if they'd be willing to drive so much if California was the size of the UK, instead of like 7000 times as big.
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    It seems like instead of expanding the bus routes here in Los Angeles, they are always cutting back. We almost lost the bus that runs through my area.

    We have a limited subway system, but riding alone tends to be a pretty scary experience.
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