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Cambridge scientists figure out way to make 60yr lightbulb cheaply

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    very cool. i wonder if there's a catch:
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    This just in: manufacturers found that 60 year light bulbs don't work as claimed.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled: throw it away after a month and buy another one program.

    lol. if I were a manufacturer, why the hell would I praise this?
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    Long lifetime GaN LEDs are not new - they've been around for about a decade (and most of them haven't died yet).

    I think the breakthrough is likely in the substrate material. So far, GaN on sapphire has worked well, but the sapphire substrates are not cheap. There are a bunch of groups that have been trying to grow GaN on a cheaper substrate (like Si). My first guess would be that's what the Cambridge group figured out.
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