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Admissions Can a chemistry undergrad go to condensed matter physics?

  1. Oct 17, 2015 #1
    Hello all! I am second year undergrad at a university in US. I planned to major in chemistry and took five chemistry classes (organic and inorganic) and worked at an organic chemistry lab in my first year, but didn't really like it. After searching through all areas in chemistry and physics, I found out that condensed matter physics might be one of the areas I want to pursue in grad school (others like physical chemistry also sounds interesting to me). I saw most physics grad school applicants major in both math and physics and excel at both areas, but for me I probably don't have enough room to major in both and also don't have a strong background in them (though I'm taking classes in them).

    So how hard is it to get into CMP grad school?(I might switch to P-Chem grad school if it is too hard) Would a math BS/chemistry BS/physics minor(given a strong PGRE) OR physics BA (we only have BA)/chemistry BS/math minor sound a good combination for physics grad school? Could anybody give me some advice as to how I should prepare if I really want to go to CMP grad school? I understand that grad school admission looks at research experience and GRE and grad courses and all that. But I wonder how CMP admission looks at undergrad major of math or chemistry.
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    Physics BA is fine, so long as you get the "core four" upper division courses (classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics + statistical mechanics) and some research experience with good letters of recommendation.
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    But is it super hard to get into a top 10 grad school for CMP? (My undergrad institution has a pretty high ranking so it makes me want to get into a good grad school) And will my chemistry major be a merit or demerit?
    Yeah I will surely take all those classes. I also plan to try grad level QM next year, don't know how it will go...
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