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Can all patterns in 3D have an equivalent equation in polynomial?

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    Please Help me out with this one.

    Can all patterns in 2D or 3D, have an equivalent equation in polynomial?
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    Would you like to elaborate on what you mean by that?
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    for example the is a pattern in 3 Dimensional form. An obviously repeating or sequence of pattern like fractals. Can we create an equation for that pattern in polynomial?
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    Would it count if a pattern were the result of an exponential or trig function? y = sin x is a pretty nice 2D pattern, but it's not generated by any polynomial. If you wanted 3D you could do something similar.
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    Actually, I can't think of any repeating pattern that would be represented by a polynomial (at least in Cartesian coordinates). Maybe I don't understand what you mean by "have an equivalent equation in polynomial". Did you have some particular example in mind when you asked this question?
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    I thought for a second that maybe the OP meant to ask if the patterns be generated in polynomial time, but I re-read the first post and I doubt he did mean that.
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