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Can anybody help me in coset decoding?

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    I dont understand anything of coset decoding. Can anyone give me good ref book or website link to the topic
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    "coset decoding"? I tried googling on that and, except for a few references to this forum( perhaps to your posts!) I got references to communications and information theory. You might get more help by posting under the computer areas.
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    Chris Hillman

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    Offer some citations

    Whoops! I saw the OP earlier but overlooked the absence of citation. Kirti, coset decoding is a topic covered in many textbooks including Larry L. Dornhoff and Franz E. Hohn, Applied Modern Algebra, MacMillan, 1977. When I Googled I found what appears to be an expository paper at a suitable level from H. A. Verrill (Mathematics, LSU); try this
    this pdf. And re [thread=195378]this thread[/thread], kirti, I think you did post in the most suitable forum, since this is a topic in algebraic coding theory which does indeed come down to linear algebra!
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    thank you vry much for ur help
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