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Homework Help: Can anyone get me on the right track?

  1. Aug 24, 2007 #1
    Can anyone get me on the right track???

    A solution contains the folllowing ions, each at a 0.1 M concentration.

    Ag+(aq), Ca2+(aq), Ni2+(aq)

    write out a procedure by which these ions may be sparated form each other and from the solution, clearly indicating the order of separation and when filtering should be done.

    Please and thankyou...
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    Well, here's a hint: the least reactive of substances are the most easily displaced from a solution, so the order of separation would clearly be from the least reactive to the most.
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    hmmm...I am still confused as to what kind of a procedure, what does it mean by this?
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    anyone have anything to add?? thanks!
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    If you place a strip of copper into a silver nitrate solution, the copper would force (displace) the silver out from the solution, right? The concept is basically the same here.
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    Please remember to show your own work first. Also, please take notice that the thread has been moved to the homework and coursework forum, where similar questions should be posted in the future.
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