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Can both of this vector combine become the following matrix?

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    vector A : ai+bj
    vector B : ci+dj

    can both of this vector combine become the following matrix?

    [tex]\stackrel{a}{c}[/tex] [tex]\stackrel{b}{d}[/tex] or [tex]\stackrel{a}{b}[/tex] [tex]\stackrel{c}{d}[/tex]

    hope anyone can tell me more about this..coz i search a lot a wiki there..~~
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    Re: matrix

    What do you mean by combine?
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    Re: matrix

    do you mean put vectors together in column or in row?
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    Re: matrix

    You just need to consider the definition of matrix multiplication. You want to find a matrix A such that

    a\bold{i} + b\bold{j} \\
    c\bold{i} + d\bold{j}
    \end{array}\right) = A \left(\begin{array}{c}
    \bold{i} \\
    \end{array}\right) =
    a_{11} & a_{12} \\
    a_{21} & a_{22}
    \bold{i} \\

    From this you should be able to work out the required components.
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    Re: matrix

    You can put numbers together any way you please and make a matrix. The question is how do you want that matrix to be related to the original vectors and what do you want to do with it?
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    Re: matrix

    I think i found the answer by the definition of the mutiplication of matrix...
    Thx a lot..~
    coz when i read about the article of the transformation matrix i can't get it..hehe thx
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