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Can dielectric constant of semiconductor be calculated or estimated?

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    Could anyone help to tell me how to estimate the dielectric constant of cobalt oxide?
    Cause I have looked for the database, and couldn't find the data.

    Very thanks,
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    As a first approximation, you could use the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clausius%E2%80%93Mossotti_relation" [Broken]. The best approach typically though is to use experimentally measured values found in handbooks such as the CRC handbook.
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    Hi chrisbaird,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I just checked the CRC handbook for the dielectric constants of cobalt oxide. But it seems to me it has only a very rough value, 12.9 within the frequency between 10^2-10^10.


    I wonder if there is data of complex dielectric constant verse wavelength or frequency.

    Thanks a lot,
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    Claude Bile

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    You will probably need to find a paper in a scientific journal for such comprehensive information.

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    You may not like this answer, but: If you need high-accuracy, high-resolution dielectric constant values over many frequencies, and you cannot find it in the scientific literature, you may need to hire a laboratory to take the measurements for you.
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    Thanks a lot for you reply. Claude and Chrisbaird.

    Very appreciated....
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