Can Eating Bugs in Rice Be Safe?

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In summary: So in addition to seeing the adults walking around, you can also see the immature stages crawling around.
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Mk said:
But what about a taste difference if you were frying the bug-infested rice or steaming it, or something? Would it be noticeable?
Hmmmm, maybe try both methods and see if you notice a difference. :smile:

Actually, I have had a similar experience with tiny beetles in my flour.. I froze the flour for several days, which killed the emerged larvae and adults. The eggs might have some overwintering protection, not sure.. Anyhow, I sifted out the bugs through a fine mesh screen and used the sifted flour in my banana bread. Bread tasted good,:-p I didn't notice any off flavors.

Evo that's a neat post of recipes!
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I'm interested in locusts.Heard that they are really good if prepeared properly.Anybody here tasted them?
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Not to gross anyone out, but if you eat fruit regularly, including fresh tomatoes, you are also eating fruit fly larvae and eggs. It's just the way things work. If you have a bowl of fruit on the counter and you notice a few fruit flies in your house, don't assume that mature fruit flies came in from outside because they heard you had some fruit hanging around. They came in with the fruit - they just weren't flies yet.:devil: :biggrin:
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Figs are laden with wasp larvae, some of which don't escape. There are ascarid worms that are fig wasp parasites, and they also stay behind in large numbers. When humans eat the fig, these leftovers are long dead.