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Can I convert a eletric logg splitter in to a dump lift

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    Can I convert an electric log spliter and use the hydrolic to create a dump lift? Using my truck and its 12 volt battery
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    jim hardy

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    Sounds like a mechanical design question?
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    This is definitely not an electrical engineering question, so I moved it to mechanical engineering.

    As a side note, a good friend of mine did a similar conversion going the other way - he fabricated a steel wedge and some simple controls to enable his forklift to be used to split logs.
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    It's for sure possible. The hardest part about doing any sort of project like this is obtaining the hydraulic equipment. My only recommendation, which should be obvious but might not be, is to non-destructively cannibalize the splitter so you can reassemble it later if you need it. (ie: Take it apart with a wrench, not a torch.)

    edit: Hang on a sec. Just let me get one thing clarified. When you said "an electric log splitter" and also mentioned hydraulics, you meant a hydraulic splitter that uses an electric pump, right? If you meant one that uses an electric actuator, you would still have the problem of obtaining hydraulic components.
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    I really dont no much about it I seen the logsplitters at harbor freight and I thought I might be able to inaert the eletric motor and hydraulic in the bed of my truck and hookup a switch in the cab to run the hydraulic to dump just a thought
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    It wouldn't be exactly a "switch". You would need a hydraulic manifold that redirects the oil flow from the spitter to a new ram mounted to your dumping frame. Either that or a mechanical linkage with some kind of "clutch' so you can use the ram directly but only when you want it. That's if I'm understanding that you want to keep the splitter intact. To use the hydraulics without the splitter, there should be no problem at all.
    How do you power it now? If it's 12VDC, just tap into your vehicle battery rather than bother using the one from the splitter. (Keep the fuse that comes with it.) If it's 115 or 220VAC, you'll need to install an inverter or a long extension cord.

    edit: I just thought of something having re-read your last post. Are you saying that you've just seen a log splitter and don't actually own one yet? If that's the case, save yourself a headache and just buy the bare components. That will be a power-pack (pump and motor connected), a double-acting cylinder (unless you want to just want to drop the box back down with a dumper valve), and a double-acting valve (same caveat as for the cylinder).
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