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Can I opt to take modern physics as major for M.sc?

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    I m presently studying B.tech 4th year,with branch as electrical and electronics engineering..Is it advisable/plausible to take modern physics as my M.sc course and go for research.? I've keen interest but is it praise worthy to do so.? Since I ve a background of electrical and electronics engineering as B.tech degree..How about having M.sc in electromagnetic waves(is there any such course)(does this co-relate to quantum mechanics.?)
    Hope I've sounded meaningful..thanks in advance
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    can anyone please suggest me..
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    anyone please help..
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    This is a bit puzzling on why you would ask this here. I don't know how the school system is at where you are, but shouldn't you have an academic advisor that you should be directing this question to? It is meaningless for us to answer such a question because your academic requirement could be something else. We could reply "yes, you can take such ans such" but if your advisor says no, it means no.

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