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Homework Help: Can i please get a little help on this problem i dont think i did it right.

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    So, how much weaker is the force of gravity at 500 kilometers above Earth's surface? Calculate how much of a g force the astronauts are actually experiencing. This equation can be modified for any other planet by replacing using the planet's radius and its surface gravity (how many g's).

    this is the problem

    The equation they gave me was:
    gr=R(squared)/r(squared) X(times) g

    I got:
    gr=(6378.1km(squared)/6878.1km(squared) X(times) 9.8m/sec/sec)=9.0875939576336488274378098602812m/sec/sec

    Did i get it right? I really dont think I did.
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    You are right.
    It comes from the formula: g=G.M/R^2.
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    Shouldnt the answer be in g's? Thats what really throughs me off.
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