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Can I take Calculus online?

  1. Jul 15, 2007 #1
    Is this a good idea? I have never done an online course before. Does anyone have any experience with online courses? Pros and cons?

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    If this is your first course in Calculus, I would strongly advise against this.
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    if u r seeking Your future career in engineering, medicine or related to math than never take calculus online. In my view calculus is the most important topic for further study in math and even it is one of the most interesting topic if u like math.
    i guess math is not a choice for online class unless u just want to pass the class or u r really smart ( like Ramanujan)..

    Pros:: needn't have to bang ur head.
    easy just to pass the class.
    cons:: u wont learn much
    hard to understand the core concept
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