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Can I use symmetry in modal analysis in FEA

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    I am doing FE analysis for symmetric shape in boundary conditions and geometry, I would like to know if I can use symmetry in my analysis or not. I have tried to run trials, the results are very similar but I am not sure if this just a coincident
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    Hi Mohamed_Wael,
    depending on your model, you can make use of symmetry. You can read more about the preprocessing here.
    If you for example take this project of a spring mount as an example, you'll find out that here they made use of symmetry.
    This, however doesn't mean you can do it anytime.
    Maybe describe your CAD model or post a picture of it to help us understand what you're trying to do and we can help you evaluate.
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    In injection molding, we use a type of FEA software called MoldFlow that simulates plastic flowing in a mold. If the part is symmetrical, then we can use symmetry to save time. We also use symmetry with regards to the full shot vs. the number of cavities. So if I have four cavities on one runner, we model one cavity and a quarter of the runner.
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