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Can life still be generated on Earth today?

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    Is it possible that life is being 'generated' on Earth today (in extreme environments) as it was back in the beginning? If so, how would we know?
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    Yes, it's possible. The best argument against it is that such new life would be at competitive disadvantage with established life.

    It would be hard to detect "new" life - but something like free RNA whose sequence doesn't seem to match any microorganisms in the environment, might be an intriguing hint of "new life."
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    Has anyone tried looking? It would create a real stir if it was found, even if it was indirect evidence as you suggest with free RNA.

    Is it possible that life could be formed that is somehow superior to present day micro-organisms (different molecular structure maybe, or higher mutation rate, or...). I know it's purely speculative but just wondering about the possibilities.
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