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Medical Can one get rabies from eating bitten tomatoes?

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    I was eating a tomatoe and I discovered on it something of a form of a bite. Now I am not entirely sure whether it is from a dog; it could have been insects. But I guess it is weird that the line goes inside of the domatoe deeper than it usually does (it is 3 sentimeters length, 3 millimeters wide and 3 millimeters deep). Is it possible it that rabid dog bit that tomatoe? If so, would I get rabies by eating it? In other words, should i go to the doctor to check myself out and/or bring the half eaten tomatoe, or should I just assume I will be okay?
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    Rabies is transmitted via saliva, so it's possible to get it that way. But, before you panic, the size of the hole you described doesn't sound much like a bite. You can get cracks that size in tomatoes simply from inconsistent watering. And, unless you've actually had rabid animals in your yard, eating your tomatoes (you'd recognize the odd behavior), there's likely nothing to worry about.
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    You most definetely have a greater chance of choking on that tomato and dying than getting rabies from a tomato that has a split in the skin. Yet illogically you still ate the tomato while overlooking your probability of choking to death.
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