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Can some one please explain this phenomenon

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    I boiled the milk in milk cooker and i opened once to take some milk out. Remaining milk was there in the cooker and cooker is tightly closed. I placed the cooker over the stove and stove is switched off.

    when i get up in the morning, i can see that cooker has fallen down from the stove..is it some thing due to air get colder?.

    cooker bottom is so flat, it can fall down with slightest touch..my doubt from where the slightest force is coming from?.

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    A vacuum may have formed in the container due to the cooling of the liquid/vapor in the closed system. Maybe the lid finally broke free due to the contraction and moved the pot off the stove. The walls of the pot could have also contracted due to the vacuum then "sprung" out when the vacuum was broken. Just a thought.
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    Are you looking for the cause of a container falling off your stove? Is it possible someone simply knocked it off?
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