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Can someone explain/show how to set this problem up

  1. Sep 27, 2009 #1
    A hamster runs in its wheel for 3.1 hours every night. If the wheel has a 6.8 cm radius and its average angular velocity is 3.0 radians per second, how far does the hamster run in one night?
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    I would convert that 3 radians into a number of turns. I think a full turn is 2*pi radians, so it is about half a turn per second. How far does the hamster go in a turn?
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    So, 3.0/2pi=.4774648

    3.1 hours * 3600secs=11160 Secs

    Now what to do with the radius, and what equation to use

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    Not quite, look at your units. He runs at 3rads/s and the entire circle is 2pi rads. You want to find the time it takes to go through the entire circle. Once you find that you need to find how far one complete turn is. The hamster travels the circumference of the circle each revolution. How far is that?
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