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Can someone explain to me the wave theory and quantum theory.

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    Basically I have looked up both out of curiosity and it just flew right over my head. I have a general understanding of the Quantum Theory (I need some understanding on the wave theory) but I cant figure out how they correspond with each other. Is the Quantum theory just a way of explaining everything in fine detail that the wave theory cannot?

    Also, off topic but I have another question about Copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory. Which he basically says that a particle cannot exist or even have properties until observed or measured. How would you even be able to test this theory? If it was plausible then once something is observed or measured it gains properties, so using his Schrodinger's Cat idea the cat would be both half alive and half dead in the box until someone opened the box and then the cat would be alive or dead but wouldn't the cat be alive or dead before you opened the box? Or is this just a explanation that has the least amount of assumptions saying the cat is half alive and half dead then gives makes you half right regardless of the outcome (unless the cat is actually half alive and half dead haha then you have really discovered something).

    Sorry if I have a completely off centered idea on the whole quantum theory I am self educating myself on the subject so it will take many many questions until I can grasp the concept as a physics major would. Thanks for the help =)
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