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Can someone recommend a good Set Theory textbook?

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    Ideally covers lots of content in depth with lots of exercises and doesn't skip anything in hardcover. The only bit of set theory I know is the most very basic that would occupy the first chapter in a book that would require it. Self study, very motivated. :) Thanks!
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    Searching Amazon for set theory, I found what seems to be a good list. I haven't read any of these books, but all the reviews are excellent.

    Introduction to Set Theory by Karel Hrbacek and Thomas Jech
    This seems like the best introduction, but I haven't looked through any of these thoroughly. Jech has also written another book on set theory. The reviews mention a companion exercise book, Exercises in Set Theory by Sigler.

    Classic Set Theory: For Guided Independent Study by Derek Goldrei

    The classic is suppose to be Naive Set Theory by Paul Halmos.
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