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Graph Theory: Book recommendations

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    (There isn't a section for Graph Theory, so I figured I'd post this in a spot where a lot of pure math topics are posted).

    Looking for an easy to read introduction to graph theory book to prep me for a course I'll be taking in the Spring. Nothing too simple, but nothing too in depth (as I'm sure whatever textbook I'll have to buy and lectures I take will be in depth enough... and I don't know what textbook will be used yet).

    any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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    If possible, I would suggest, to get the most of the class, to get the class textbook now, and browse thru it, play around with it, and get the notation, format, and main points, and whatever you can; that way you have a good idea of what is going on in class.
    For side books, try dropping by your library and browse thru the graph theory section, to see which one feels good to you. Good luck with it (of course, post here with questions).
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