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Can the Electron be a Looped String

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    On Brian Greene's presenation we can see various squiggles that are meant to be a rough picture of what Strings may look like.

    Is it possible that the electron could be a loop that has some sort of chirality?

    Is it possible that the proton could be in the form of a Boy knot?
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    You told me once you have read about 80 books on QFT and related subject. Do you not have a better reference on string theory than Brian Greene ?
    Sure, anything is possible. So far the electron is pointlike down to [tex]10^{-18}[/tex] m. In string theory, the electron is not a loop.
    That however is already ruled out by experiment. We know the shape of the proton, and it is not a knot.
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    Not yet.
    How do we know the electron can not be a looped string? Has some experiment eliminated this shape?
    Great. Then what is the shape? A Euclidean sphere or an oblate sphere or something else?
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    Please, I told you the electron is pointlike to the best of our G$ equipement. You can claim there is whatever you want behind the mountain where nobody ever went. This is not science however.
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    Sorry, but I have made no claims. Why do you try to misconstrue my words?
    Just because you think electrons can only be pointlike, does not make it true.
    I am simply trying to answer one of Einstein's requests: "You know, it would be sufficient to really understand the electron." (see p108 of Barut's 1991 chapter in the book " The Electron: New Theory and Experiment"
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    I do not just think, I measure. This is what I find out there in Nature...
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    Sounds like you work at one of the Synchrotrons. Lucky you.
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    I don't. I do work with an accelerator however. But it is not a collider.
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    Seems that Marcus and the String Guys are ignoring this question. Too bad. I would have really liked some professional feedback.
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    Ehhh if you're a student at Ohio State, PM me and stop by my office :)

    The question of whether the electron can be a looped string depends on the string theory you live in. Most of my work is in the heterotic string, and in that case the electron IS a looped string.

    The proton, as we have tested experimentally, is definitely NOT a ``tied'' string. In fact, as far as I know strings DON'T tie. They can oscillate, but they don't twist.
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    Got my BS in Chem there, but that was in 1976. After the PhD (U Nev) went to Japan for 13 yrs, came back to Silicon Valley in 1999. You'd love the weather here!

    I tried to post a physical model for the electron that is based on a closed loop structure, but was soon shot down by various aggressive bots. If you're interested, then send me an e-mail: vince@xpsdata.com . I've been working on the kinematics with a PhD (UCB) friend for the past 5-6 years and have most everything covered, but no math, not my strong point. The plan is to write a book, since my idea draws so much flack.
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