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Can the Venus transit be viewed with the naked eye

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    Can the Venus transit be viewed with the naked eye? I do have a solar filter (from the anstronomy department of a university), so this isn't about safety issues. The question is would I need a telescope to oberve the dot or can I just look at it?
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    You should be able to see the dot, and the main issues are eye safety issues rather than astronomical.
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    A dot like a dead pixel or one that can be easily spotted? (the sun looks even smaller than my thumb when observed without a telescope)
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    You can see a dot like structure on the Sun but DON'T see it with naked eye get a eclipse viewing goggles and then try to see it.
    Unluckily it will not be visible in major parts of South-America , about half part in Africa and a small part of Europe.
    Eastern Hemisphere can see it while sun rising and Western Hemisphere can see it while sunset.
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    Download an image of the 2004 transit. Print it out and hang it on the wall in a large room. Then back away from it until the Sun is half the width of your pinky. That should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect when looking through an unmagnified filter.
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