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TransIT Services of Frederick County is a public transportation agency in Frederick County, Maryland, that is operated by the county government. The agency currently operates 9 Connector bus routes, mostly in the city of Frederick, 5 shuttles, and demand-response for seniors and persons with disabilities. TransIT provides connections to other public transportation services in the region, including the MTA Maryland's routes 204 and 515 commuter bus and MARC Train service. According to the agency's homepage, the service had approximately 909,800 boardings in FY 2012.TransIT Services is the result of merging the former Trans-Serve Frederick County shuttles and the Frederick City Transit lines.
Connector bus routes operate Monday–Friday, and routes 10–65 also provide Saturday service. The agency does not operate any of its routes on Sunday. Most routes provide weekday peak-hour service (every 30 minutes) in addition to hourly service Monday–Friday.

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  1. M

    How does bulk size impact the stability of a product during transit?

    I have 2 bulks of emulsion (lotion, cream, yoghurt, sauce): 1kg and 0.030g. While in transit (plane and truck) the bigger bulk separated (oil pooled on top) and the smaller one stayed as is, with no changes to the appearance of the product. In general, larger volumes of emulsion are more prone...
  2. Z

    Does Ceres ever transit Jupiter?

    Does Ceres ever transit Jupiter? And if it does, how large of a telescope would I need to see it?
  3. R

    I Can we predict the path of the Sun from a single observation point along the transit?

    Hi. I have this idea that might be useful for celestial navigation. If you were on a random place on the Earth, and you had a way of measuring the altitude of the sun above the horizon, at a precise moment, could you then predict the complete path, such that you could determine the altitude at...
  4. yucheng

    I Issue with Stellarium: transit of Venus (find the parallax)

    These are the two snapshot (on Stellarium) of the Third Contact between Venus and the Sun at the same time at different locations on Earth. The top image is viewd from Quito, Ecuador, the bottom image is from Harrisburg. I am supposed to determine the parallax. The angles were calculated using...
  5. P

    Solving for earthquake transit time via Snell's Law

    I was told to solve the second equation above for x to get l2 and l2, but that only gets me those in terms of other unknowns. I'm assuming I just need to solve t for my knowns, but I keep getting caught up by my unknowns. i.e., solving for x gives x = (l2*L*v2)/(l1*v1+l2*v2). Please note "l" is...
  6. Andy Resnick

    Stargazing Witness the Transit of Mercury: Nov 11, 2019

    For those so inclined: https://Earth'sky.org/tonight/transit-of-mercury-on-november-11-2019
  7. UFSJ

    I Extrapolating curve to thermodynamic limit for phase transit

    Hi guys. Anyone knows a article showing the method of extrapolation curve of the phase transition's temperature by the inverse of lattice size, applied at low-dimensional lattices, like nanotube and nanowire, for example? Thanks a lot!
  8. L

    I Transit Photometry: Questions about Detecting Exoplanets

    Hello everyone, As my first post in this forum, i want to ask two questions, mainly out of personal interest, concerning the possibilities of transit photometry in detecting exoplanets: For larger planets or planets orbiting farther away from the host star, the measured drop of intensity...
  9. Erenjaeger

    I Proving equation for duration of transit

    The lecturer went through part of the proof so i am stuck on finishing it off. equation: ΔT = PR*/πα where P is the period of planet around star R* is radius of star α is orbital radius of planet what I have done so far... ω (orbital speed) = v/α also = 2π/p (p being a planetry year) and...
  10. J

    B Transit of newly discovered exoplanet of Proxima centuri

    In descriptions of the newly discovered exoplanet, named Proxima Cen b, orbiting Proxima Centuri, it is mentioned that a determination of its size could be established by observing the planet’s transit in front of Proxima centuri, which would reveal the exoplanet’s diameter. It is my...
  11. E

    Transit depth and the size of a planet....

    Homework Statement Astronomers discover a new transiting planet named Jakku. The parent star, Abrams, is known to have a radius equal to ½ that of the Sun’s. a) The transit depth of Jakku is 757 parts per million (757 x 10-6). How large is the planet? Convert your answer into units of Earth...
  12. azizlwl

    Transit of Venus: Venus Passes Directly Between Sun & Superior Planet

    A transit of Venus across the Sun takes place when thplanet"etVenus passes directly between the Sun and a superior planet, becoming visible against (and hence obscuring a small portion of) the solar disk. During a transit, Venus can be seen from Earth as a small black disk moving across the face...
  13. Y

    Help with Venus Transit AU calculations

    Hello! So I've been looking at making a decent calculation of the AU from the 2012 transit. As you can see from the first picture (Taken with the South Pole at the top), this is the method I'm using from the following video: I use 2*(Pi)/Period of Earth to calculate the angular speed from...
  14. Mazin Nasralla

    Venus Transit - What should be a simple problem

    I was given a question which I have worked out, but not to my satisfaction... "if the inclination of Earth and Venus orbit was the same, how often would the transit occur?" I am given 4 options and I have got the right answer, but I did it by trial and error, and I am sure that there must be a...
  15. L

    Optimizing High Speed Transit for Comfort and Safety: A Scientific Approach

    Hi everyone, I am an aspiring writer, and I have come here seeking some insight/a second opinion. I recently decided to work on my one novel, a science fiction story, and unlike some other sci-fi writers, I want to make my book as scientifically plausible as I can, without relying on something...
  16. M

    Transit duration of an exoplanet

    Homework Statement Hi, I'm a senior taking a course on exoplanets right now. I have a question regarding their transit across a star. I understand how it works in theory, but I had some questions regarding the equation to use. Here's the problem: A 0.05 solar radius planet orbits a...
  17. davgonz90

    Difference Between Stem Cell and Transit Amplifying Cell

    In as simple-to-understand language as possible, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this ?:) Thank you in advance everyone.
  18. bohm2

    DNA stable during atmospheric transit and re-entry

    DNA survives critical entry into Earth's atmosphere http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/11/141126144150.htm Full published article: http://www.plosone.org/article/fetchObject.action?uri=info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0112979&representation=PDF
  19. C

    Layman question on sun as seen from mercury

    Hey! Here's a question. This is Mercury as seen from some telescope during one of its transits The white disk in the background is the Sun. So suppose now that I am where this telescope is and start approaching Mercury. As I approach, both the Sun and Mercury would become larger from my point...
  20. L

    Commuting via car or BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)?

    I will be attending SFSU in the spring for my masters, but i will most likely reside in concord for a very cheap living arrangement. I was told the whole commute including bart and the shuttle is roughly 2 hours one way... Thats a bit intense no? Would driving be any better??
  21. C

    Martians observe Mercury solar transit

    The Martians were able to see the planet Mercury transit the solar disk on Jun 3rd if they used Curiosity's telephoto Mast Cam. Can also see the sunspots. See JPL's link: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?release=2014-183 Creator
  22. Q

    Radius of the smallest exoplanet detectable with the transit method

    Please help me with this astronomy problem. I am supposed to calculate the smallest planet that is detectable with the transit method, given a signal to noise ratio and a star's radius: Suppose the star is seen at its distance D with a signal to noise ratio of S/N = 10^4. This means that in...
  23. D

    How long do you expect transit to last?

    I have a homework problem that I am having troubles with. There are 2 parts A transiting exoplanet with a diameter twice that of the Earth orbits a sun-like star in a circular orbit of radius 1.5 AU a) How much reduction in the flux of the star occurs during the transit? Earth's...
  24. E

    Distance to the Sun using Venus transit

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone of you know how to calculate the astronomical unit 1 AU, using data from a Venus transit and not using the parallax method. I already have all the data from the 2012 transit; the time it was in phase 1 when it contacts the Sun's disk and when it leaves the disk...
  25. dexterdev

    Doubt regarding Transit time in electro magnetics

    Hello PF, I was watching a video from NPTEL (transmission lines), where the professor was explaining transit time. Ok now my doubt is that is the transit time delay in transmission lines due to distributed capacitors and inductors alone. Do resistors contribute to delay. For a...
  26. P

    To recreate a projection of the transit of Venus

    Hi! Newly registered here, with an optics question. I was going through some photos I took of the transit of Venus this year, where I'd used a reflecting telescope to project the image of the sun and the passing planet onto a piece of white paper. Image: http://imgur.com/3mdUN I showed it...
  27. C

    MHB Venus - Transit of VenusWhat did I capture during the recent transit of Venus?

    As you may know there was a transit of Venus on the 5/6th of June. The Sun rose here at ~04:40 BST with the transit in progress, however at that time there was cloud on the Eastern horizon to an elevation of 10-20 degrees, so no chance of seeing the transit. Just before leaving for work at about...
  28. Drakkith

    See the Transit of Venus Live Here

    You can see the Transit of Venus live here: http://events.slooh.com/ Starts in 5 minutes.
  29. D

    Can the Venus transit be viewed with the naked eye

    Can the Venus transit be viewed with the naked eye? I do have a solar filter (from the anstronomy department of a university), so this isn't about safety issues. The question is would I need a telescope to oberve the dot or can I just look at it?
  30. BobG

    Transit of Venus across the Sun

    Venus will cross the Sun on June 5-6 of this year. Historically, the transit of Venus holds a significant place in the history of astronomy. As most know, Kepler's third law stated the square of the period of a planet is proportional to the cube of it's mean distance. Newton's Laws of...
  31. C

    Reusable Fuel Ubop Self Contained Transit Drive

    This is not a perpetual motion machine; the fusion power plant will run out of nuclear power to provide electricity to power it; and this type of transit drive works in theory by having two combustion chambers positioned parallel to the spacecraft 's width and perpendicular to its length. Each...
  32. R

    Planet transit to derive system parameters

    Homework Statement Measuring the flux of a star as a function of the time, the flux exhibit a decrease of 1.65% for 2h 56m, periodically every 57.22 days. Such decrease is ascribed to a planet transit. The continuous spectrum of the star is like a black body with T= 9500 K, and its...
  33. N

    Quad Thrust Fuel Transit Drive

    First of all this is not a perpetual motion machine and is not the previous U Reusable Fuel Transit Drive I designed earlier. This type of transit drive, which doesn't reuse fuel, works in theory by having two combustion chambers and their respective exhaust nozzles positioned parallel to the...
  34. L

    Confussed about transit and subsequent transits

    Homework Statement How long is it between subsequent transits of New Sol by New Earth How long does each transit last? Assume that the transit is central, i.e. the projected path of the planet goes right over the center of the star Homework Equations Rp=(vp+vs)(t2-t1)(1/2) The...
  35. J

    Astrophysics: orbital dynamics - duration of a transit of Venus

    Edit: perhaps this might belong in one of the Physics help forums? Oops. Mods, please move if so! Homework Statement Show that a transit of Venus across the Sun’s disk lasts at most about 8 hours. The synodic period of Venus is 584 days and its orbital radius is 0.723 A.U. The Sun’s angular...
  36. N

    Self contained U transit drive for spacecraft

    First of all this is not a perpetual motion machine. This type of transit drive works in theory by having two combustion chambers positioned parallel to the spacecraft 's width and perpendicular to its length. Each of the two exhaust nozzles are also positioned parallel to the spacecraft 's...
  37. P

    Gear ratio calculation for a transit bus

    Hi there, I am simulating the hybrid transit bus, Its max speed is at 60 kph, most speed used on road is below 20 kph (more than 60% of its total operation time) The bus follows stop-and-go pattern almost all the time. The bus is to be fuel cell/battery hybrid, therefore it uses an...
  38. P

    Hybrid Electric Transit Bus Powertrain Design

    Hello, I am in the beginning of sizing all the components in the powertrain and really need your help; I am trying to size the motor for a hybrid eletric bus All articles I have read so far mention one lengthy equation that to know the rated power of the motor, one mush use; PEM =...
  39. P

    Concept Electric Hybrid SOFC/Battery Transit Bus

    Good afternoon from England! I am sure this is not a homework, rather an engineering project. I am interested in an alternative way of electrically propelling a transit bus using a combination of solid oxide fuel cell and battery, focussing on its powertrain. Two powertrain...
  40. B

    Transit time of particle in a particle accelerator question

    I have a question about the behavior of a charged particle being accelerated in an electric field. I know that it is possible to find the approximate final velocity of the particle (assuming it doesn't reach too great a fraction of the speed of light) simply by an energy balance, 1/2mv^2 = qV...
  41. S

    BJT Base Transit Time: Understanding the Basics

    Hi to you all, I'm reading about semiconductor devices on Muller-Kamins' "Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits" and I have some problem understanding the base transit time of a bipolar transistor. I read that when the npn bjt is forward biased the emitter injects electron in the base. In...
  42. H

    Transit Method to find extrasolar planets.

    Hi, I'm a bit confused on how in theory one could work out the size of a planet knowing the luminosity of the star it is orbiting and also the drop in luminosity as the planet blocks some of the light from the observer. Wouldn't you have to know the surface temperature of the star to work out...
  43. F

    News US, Mass Transit & Gas Prices.

    With gas at $4 or higher some people are starting to ask: Why on Earth did we buy a car like this? Well, a lot of people once did. In fact, until late 2004, a lot of people went out of their way to buy precisely these monsters because -– if you can believe it -– the government actually...
  44. D

    Transit time for a fluid particle in potential flow

    Hi, consider classical potential flow without circulation around a cylinder. Let us follow a fluid particle adjacent to the upper surface of the cylinder (e.g. on the dividing streamline), starting just a very tiny bit upstream of the upstream stagnation point. It will go to the...
  45. N

    Is There an Exact Equation for Transit Time Calculation in Extrasolar Planets?

    Hi, I've been looking for some of the early work done on transitting theory for the detection of extrasolar planets. I am especially interested in the calculation of the transitting time. The only equation I have so far come across is... T/P=(1/pi)*arcsin(R*/a) in the paper by Rivera...
  46. P

    Ratio of Orbital Distance to Transit Time

    I was reading Gullivers Travels to my son over Christmas and in a voyage to Laputa there is a passage illustrating their prowess at astronomy. The passage goes: Not being an expert in planetary physics I was wondering is this passage: a) Correct, in which case what are the actual...
  47. robphy

    Transit of Mercury 2006: Tips for Capturing Photos | Physics Forums Blog

    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog/2006/11/06/transit-of-mercury-2006/ Anyone planning to take pictures?
  48. A

    Edmund halley and the venus transit

    i am sooooo lost in what edmund halley did. so far i understand that he used parallax and the venus transit to solve for the distance between Earth and sun but how did he exactly do it? http://www.exploratorium.edu/venus/P_question4.html the link above explains a lot but it doesn't...
  49. A

    Detecting planets with transit

    How exactly is this done? Is it done in the visible wavelengths or in the radio? Also, how small can the (planet size)/(sun size) ratio be. I'd expect that given noise especially, there's a definite lower limit.