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Can we replace LIPO battery with LION battery

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    Hi! Iam a new guy here. Iam not a physicist, rather veterinarian.
    i have a doubt. I have Car DVR with 3.7V , 300mAH LIPO battery. Can i replace that with say 3.7V, 1000 mAH /2000mAH LION battery? Will it be a problem?
    In the current setup the LIPO battery is inside the DVR and DVR is getting heated up on continuous use for a period of 6-7 hours. So i was thinking if i can replace this with 1000mAH LION battery and keep it outside the Car DVR. Thanks
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    Infact the LiON with 1000mah will can give faster current draw than the Lipo with 300mah ( it's 300 and not 3000?). You may get problems if current draw is higher than the battery capacity but in this case, the replacement battery has better or faster ability to discharge than the original Lipo

    Also, LiON are much safer than Lipo in general
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