What is Lipo: Definition and 12 Discussions

Brescia "Gabriele D'Annunzio" Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Brescia, IATA: VBS, ICAO: LIPO), also known as Montichiari Airport, is located in Montichiari, southeast of City of Brescia, Italy. Other nearby airports are Milan-Malpensa, Milan-Linate, Bergamo Orio al Serio and Verona-Villafranca.

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    How do I properly charge my LIPO battery?

    Hey, I just purchased a lipo battery and was wondering if I wanted to charge it would I be able to use a 6v/3amp charger for the following lipo 7.4v/10amp. I'm pretty sure I would be able to. LIPO BATTERY: https://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/74v-2000mah-5c-lipo-battery.html What is the general...
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    Is the STMicroelectronics L7912CV Voltage Regulator Suitable for a +12V Output?

    [mod note: thread moved from homework forum] I have this Mouser voltage regulator https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/STMicroelectronics/L7912CV/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMug9GoBKXZ75xbXFDWiKqpmvrbz5I0HaKg%3D Wired according to datasheet https://www.mouser.com/ds/2/389/l79-974159.pdf see insert photo...
  3. A

    A circuit board to charge a LiPo battery?

    Hi guys I'm creating a prop that's probably going to have a 7,4V 5000 mah 45C RC Lipo battery in it, and I'm planning to keep it permanent in the prop with a charge circut to charge it up with usb perhaps. I've thought of using a tp4056 circuit I have laying around and it seems like the...
  4. E

    LiPo battery peak current burst C rating

    Hi, as I know the burst C rating usually refers to the max current allowed for 10 seconds. if I need higher current for 1 second, I can do it? The heat is the problem here?
  5. P

    Charging Lipos @ 5C with Digital Power Supply

    I have a ton of 3.7 volt lipo's at my house, each of which can be charged @ 5C, and since each have a capacity of 270 mAH, than I should easily be able to charge them @ 1amp. I put 8 in parralel with each other so it is a 1s, 8p battery pack. each of the lipos is the same (in tems of specs, ik...
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    How to Charge a 4P 1S cylinder Lipo Pack

    Hello, I have recently bought 4 cylindrical lithium ion batteries from hobby king to make a battery pack. To do this, I put all 4 of them in Parallel, so that the voltage would stay the same, but the capacity would increase. It says on Hobby king that they can charge at 5C, and since they are...
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    Running 3 motors in circuit, where to insert lipo alarm?

    Hi all! I'm working off of this schematic for a modded Nerf blaster (note: schematic not my own work). I am hoping to hook up a little lipo alarm (http://rcbitz.com.au/images/MiniLipoAlarm.jpg ) somewhere in there to display the voltage of my 1s lipo I'm using to power it. Question: Where...
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    Can we replace LIPO battery with LION battery

    Hi! Iam a new guy here. Iam not a physicist, rather veterinarian. i have a doubt. I have Car DVR with 3.7V , 300mAH LIPO battery. Can i replace that with say 3.7V, 1000 mAH /2000mAH LION battery? Will it be a problem? In the current setup the LIPO battery is inside the DVR and DVR is getting...
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    Energy from bike riding used to charge phones/laptops

    Hi, I've been thinking up a project on harnessing the kinetic energy to use for charging or powering small deviecs around the house firstly my laptop and smart phone. I have a basic idea of what I'm going to use and have some of the things needed. My idea was to use a small brushless or maybe...
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    Selection of Right Lipo battery

    I would like to know about selecting the proper lipo batteries. For example, for the following motor spec a suitable battery has to be selected Motor Kv 540KV RPM/Volt (What does KV in 540KV represent?) Max Continuous Current 115 Amps Max Continuous Power 4800 Watts Max Lipo Cell...
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    Dc Voltage reduction LiPo battery

    Hi I have what seems to be a untractable problem On a racing motorcycle I am using a total loss ingition/datalogging and water pump system. To power this I am using a 5000Ma 30C LiPo battery (used because of it light weight and small size). The measured battery output is 15.2 Volts. Both the...
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    Charge lipo battery packs with a li-ion charger?

    charge lipo battery packs with a li-ion charger? hello. i am wondering if it is possible to charge lipo battery packs with a li-ion charger. for example what i eventually want to try is to replace the li-ion batteries of my laptop with lipo battery packs. so if i remove the original...