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Can you do more than 40 hours of calculation per week?

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    I keep track of how much time I spend doing intellectual labor. It works out to 60% of my free time and 49 hours per week. I also separate my labor into two categories: hard and easy. The hard category comes to 43 hours per week since last April. That includes computer coding and writing up paper solutions which I will eventually code into a computer. I'm building an automated theorem prover and it's very hard. What bugs me however is that I cannot average more than 43 hours per week. It should be 60 hours per week and 80% of my free time. I try to work on this automated theorem prover as much as possible but my brain gets burned out way too much. It would be some consolation if I knew that other people have the same problem.
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    24/7 Calculus :D Ok, a few hours of sleep here n there.
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    If you aren't able to work efficiently after some amount of time, give it a rest. No need to force yourself if you aren't going to be productive. Also, just because someone works more, that doesn't mean they are more productive.
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    I have nothing but free time, and I spend 40—60% of it sleeping. I probably haven't spent a total of 40 hours calculating in my entire life.
    Speaking of which, it's time for my midnight nap.
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