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Homework Help: Capacitors in series and parallel

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    A battery of potential V stores charge q on a combintation of two identical capacitors. What are the potential difference across and the charge on either capacitor if the capacitors are (a) in parallel (b) iin series?

    I know the answers to these questions but I'm trying to understand the conceptul ideas behind this question. The answers are:

    (a) V, q/2

    (b) V/2, q

    Any ideas?
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    Do you understand the concepts behind parallel vs. series capacitors?
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    Yes I do, but could you elaborate a little?
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    anyone else have any inuput?
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    Voltage is potential difference . (V_C - V_B) + (V_B - V_A) = (V_C - V_A).

    Charge is conserved, just like mass is.
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    What does the 'B' stand for ?
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    A, B, C are locations. Potential (V) is a function of location.
    Voltage, a potential DIFFERENCE, is a function of a REGION (Capacitor gap).

    with Capacitors in series, A is bottom plate, C is top plate, B is either middle plate.
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