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Capturing Screen Activity Is this Possible?

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    Hi guys and gals,

    I am looking for some free software that would allow me to capture what I am doing on my screen in a video format. Much like a screenshot captures a still shot of a particular screen, I would like to take a video.

    I have no budget for this so I was hoping it there was something free out there.
    I am running Windows XP, so it would need to be compatible.

    Any ideas? All suggestions are welcome :smile:

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    Awesome! Thanks Greg. I actually just downloaded a 30-day trial of Camtasia from CNET.com. And it seems to do the job. But I will definitely check out Free-Screen since it most likely gives you a perpetual license. I can see so many opportunities to 'wow' people (sales people mostly;) ) with a presentation that incorporates stuff like this!
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    I've used an app called CamStudio quite a lot:

    It's free and has the ability to record to flash as well as the usual video formats. Also able to record sound - so you can capture app audio or your own commentary.
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