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  1. W

    How do I remove this $#@ circle thing from my Android phone screen?

    Hi all, How fo I remove this circular object on the top right , the circle with the 4 square-ish objects?
  2. T

    I Question around 'quantum object hits screen'

    Let's assume, a C60 bucky ball passes the double slit. Would you agree that thereafter in principle the bucky ball should be detectable on the screen e.g. using an atomic force microscope? And is the transition from quantum to classical state due to instantaneous decoherence? In contrast...
  3. D

    Why does my game loop give me a blank screen?

    Hi everyone I've used a game loop to try make a textView alternate between two different strings every two seconds. When I run it, I just get a blank screen. The textView was originally set to show "Hello World!" but not even that shows. Does anyone know what's gone wrong? Thanks public...
  4. shivajikobardan

    JavaScript How to paint an element in screen using javascript?

    <div class="body"> <div id="board"> <div id="bat" class="bat"></div> <div id="ball" class="ball"></div> </div> </div> This is my HTML. I've done CSS For all of them and generated this: Now, I want the bat to move left and right when I press arrow keys...
  5. shivajikobardan

    Bring the navbar text to the center of the screen in CSS

    https://demo.w3layouts.com/demos_new/template_demo/28-07-2021/biodata-liberty-demo_Free/2002651968/web/index.html This is the website that I am trying to build. This is my current navbar. This is what I want to build. My focus is on "Home" to "Contact". I want to put it at the center of the...
  6. Wrichik Basu

    Laptop screen flickering/moving up and down with pink tint

    This problem started around two hours ago while I was watching lectures on YouTube. All of a sudden, the screen started flickering in and out of focus or moving up and down, with a pink shade appearing as soon as it goes out of focus moves up. I tried Updating the NVIDIA drivers from 470 to 510...
  7. Melbourne Guy

    Focal length of LCD screen as a car's rear view mirror

    I noticed on the commute home today a car with a LCD rear view mirror and I wondered whether, if I were driving it, I'd be able to focus on it the same as I focus on my car's glass review view mirror? I need glasses to read, and that includes a computer, so figured a LCD screen that close, even...
  8. flying_bear

    I Lux-meter, candelas or lux, measuring nits in practice

    My lux-meter can be used in two modes, candela and lux. How do I use it to accurately measure a display's luminance in nits? The screen isn't Lambertian, I have to assume this as an unknown. I'm interested in the luminance as seen by the eye looking at the screen perpendicular to it. Now, first...
  9. L

    Number of bright fringes given by diffraction grating on a screen

    (1) In the book I am using the separation of bright fringes is indicated as being ##\Delta y=\frac{\lambda}{d}##, where ##d## is the separation of the slits so on a screen of width ##W## I would see ##\frac{W}{\frac{\lambda}{\frac{1}{N}}}## bright fringes. I don't see why the text of the...
  10. Astronuc

    Screen flickering with Windows 11 Home on new computer

    My wife just bought a new Dell computer because the HD on her old computer went bad. The computer is a minitower. She is using the old VGA monitor through an HDMI adaptor (using HDMI to VGA cable). Could that be the problem? Occasionally, the monitor screen goes blue and she has to restart...
  11. MichaelBack12

    Looking for a reliable screen recorder for Mac? Any recommendations?

    Any recommendations for a simple, reliable screen recorder for Mac. All I want to do is record some streaming lectures. I like transferring to my phone to watch again. QuickTime isn’t great. No easy timer.
  12. informerkh

    Optical qualities of prism sheet and glass substrate (LCD screen)

    Hi! I am an electronics engineer and I would be very grateful for some help and suggestions with my problem. I am experiencing severe discomfort when working with almost any LCD screen (smartphones, laptops, monitors). Ophthalmologists say that I am completely healthy and they cannot understand...
  13. V

    Airflow thru 6 mesh, .035 gauge screen

    Happy Holidays! I saw your posting on airflow thru mesh screen and went to Perry's looking for answers. I haven't found what I'm looking for yet and was wondering if you can help? Our problem concerns bees coming down the chimney and how to stop them. We installed a Lymance chimney damper with...
  14. S

    Trace on the screen of a C.R.O. when a deflection coil is rotated

    My answer is when the small coil is rotated, there will be change in magnetic flux in it. Initially (before rotated), the trace in c.r.o will be sinusoidal. After it is rotated, the trace will still be a sinusoidal (but I am not sure whether the amplitude will be the same). But the answer key...
  15. meher4real

    Finding Color of Two Lights Given Slit Source & Screen Distance

    Given values : - Distance between the slit source and the screen L - d1,d2 The problem is to detemine the color of the two lights
  16. Y

    Anyone know SFML to answer this screen mapping question?

    Hi I am just starting to studying games with C++ by Horton for a few days. It uses SFML for graphics, sound and fonts. I am puzzled with the screen map location. In the program below, you can see the resolution is 1920 X 1080 full screen. But there are something funny when I create a sprite and...
  17. H

    Monochromatic light, Pattern on the screen

    A point source of monochromatic light is placed in front of a soccer ball and a screen is placed behind the ball. The light intensity pattern on the screen is best described as: Answer: a dark disk with a bright spot at its center and bright rings outside Why is there a bright spot at its...
  18. jaumzaum

    Can we see real, inverted and magnified images without a screen?

    I was wondering, if I put an object in the left, a convergent lens in the middle, in such a way that I create a real, inverted and magnified image in the right, and I observe the lens from the right side, in such a way that the image is formed behind me, how would it appear to me? I cannot...
  19. J

    I Repulsion before the screen in a double-slit experiment

    Consider a double slit experiment with electrons fired illustrated in the attached figure. One interpretation of this experiment is that each fired electron clones itself, one of the clone passes through one slit and the other through another slit then they reached the screen where they...
  20. M

    Troubleshooting Ubuntu 18.04 Screen Issues: Pink Discoloration and GPU Usage

    Hi PF! Can you see the upper-left pink on my monitor? It comes and goes, though I don't think I've ever seen it on Windows, only Ubuntu (to be fair Ubuntu runs about 99% of the time). Do you know what it's from, or anything about it? Thanks for your time! Josh
  21. mike2020

    Strange optical phenomenon: lighting a candle in front of a TV screen

    I observed a strange optical phenomenon when lighting a candle in front of a tv screen, in the dark (attached picture). There seems to be two lines forming an 'X' figure with a colored pattern (of diffraction, I suppose). I think it must be related to the material structure of the TV screen...
  22. kolleamm

    Can Fiber Optic Cables Create a Custom Shaped LCD Screen?

    I want to create an uneven surface, and have its surface color change by controlling pixel colors on an LCD screen. My first thought is that creating an LCD screen that's anything beyond flat or curved would be impractical, so would it be possible to use fiber optic cables to redirect pixel light?
  23. JD_PM

    Laser beams interacting with a screen | AM and momentum conservation

    a) On the black part, all incoming light is absorbed. This means that the momentum of the left-light beam doesn't change (i.e. momentum before hitting the black screen is ##\vec p_0## and after hitting it is zero. Thus ##\Delta \vec p = \vec p_0##). If momentum doesn't change, we get no...
  24. L

    Computer Which Screen Recorder is Compatible with GhostBSD?

    Hi, As people know I have a desktop running GhostBSD. I need to know what screen recorder to install for it so that I can make Udemy/skillshare courses for passive income.
  25. nuclearfireball_42

    Why light reflected off of my calculator screen turns bluish?

    So, I was in class listening to my lecturer when I notice something intriguing. I was looking at the reflection of a lamp on the screen of my calculator. I paid close attention to the colour of the light reflected of my calculator and realized that when I rotate my calculator by about 90 deg...
  26. M

    Solar pool heating via a dark screen -- On the surface or submerged?

    Summary: Looking for input on either floating or sinking a large sheet of dark screen for solar absorption in a pool Looking for input on either floating or sinking a large sheet of dark screen for solar heat absorption in a pool. My though its that screen would be very user friendly to roll...
  27. ThomOnTheBus

    Optical effect seen on a bus: mirrored screen shows different colors

    Hello Physics People, i was on bus 59 lately and i noticed a typical optical effect. There is a monitor/screen in the front of the bus that lists the current and coming stops and updates when you pass one. Its colour scheme is was blue/lightblue/white (see first picture). But when i looked at...
  28. anorlunda

    Troubleshooting Intermittent Text Garbling on HP Laptop Screen

    My HP laptop screen is intermittently misbehaving 3 or 4 times per day. See an example below. But if I scroll that text off screen, then scroll back again, it renders correctly. I'm wondering if it just might be a faulty connection. Should I try to unplug/plug the cables to the screen...
  29. C

    LCD screen manufacturing process simplification?

    Hello I am no expert so i apologize if the answer is trivial.I was wondering, if they can manufacture a transparent transistor on every (sub)pixel of LCD glass screen, why are they using "COF (Chip-On-Flex) or COG (Chip-On-Glass construction)" to connect every (sub)pixels' tiny wire at the end...
  30. A

    B Pixel Size of TVs: OLED & LCD Explained

    Just a wild idea while watching a documentary about TV history and CRT sets etc. Just curious to know the physics. What's the smallest pixel size available today in a modern OLED or even more classical LCD (CCFL backlight) panel? Then I though about how we now can manufacture CPU's with a...
  31. Jeremy Feng

    Young's Modulus Experiment With a Glass Screen

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Path difference is nλ at maxima, (n+0.5)λ at minima The Attempt at a Solution I think the phase difference between S1 and S2 is not 0 anymore, because the wave effectively takes a longer distance by going through S2. Thus, there is no longer a central...
  32. Wrichik Basu

    Screen producing potentials when light falls on it

    Suppose there is a screen. This screen has been divided into a very large number of pixels. Each pixel has a material, that has the capability of producing a potential difference when light falls on it. The potential difference for different wavelengths should be different. Say, over a range of...
  33. W

    Advice on making a liquid crystal screen (shutter)

    I need to make my own smart film for some experiments. I've read enough articles on it to know the required components, how they are mixed and applied. I have a 1:1 mixture of liquid crystal and UV curable resin and glass bead spacers that I need to apply between two ITO PETs and UV cure to...
  34. mishima

    Phosphor screen, hazards and demonstrations?

    So, for whatever reason, a student brought in a phosphor screen from an old CRT television. I was wondering: 1. if the phosphor posed any risk in a school setting, and 2. if there was a way to utilize it for a physics demonstration of some kind. I assume they threw a rock or something at the...
  35. Stephenk53

    Discover the Mystery of the Blue Computer Screen in My Classroom

    In one of my classes the screen of the computer next to me often turns blue. It is not the blue screen error, it appears as though when we are using it the screen looks as though it is blue glass, as though I put blue glass on the screen
  36. L

    MHB What is the tv screen area in square inches of a

    Assume that the ratio of a big screen TV is 16:9. TVs are advertised by their diagonal (sp?) length. What is the screen area in square inches of a: a) 40 inch TV b) 60 inch TV c) 65 inch TV d) 80 inch TV e) 86 inch TV Show the formula (equation) that you used. Thank you
  37. N

    Struggling with a strange on screen format issue

    Hi, I really hope someone here can help. I'm a nurse and not in the computer field (so I might be doing something dumb). We have a really old fortran system that we keep old history on. I'm trying to move the program onto a new computer. Its been a mission to do, but I've got through most...
  38. M

    Reflection from smartphone screen

    So here's a mystery one of you may be able to solve. I noticed that the reflection of light from the fingerprints on my iPhone screen depend on it's orientation toward a light source. For instance, use your finger to make two perpendicular smudges across the screen. You'll find that the smudge...
  39. F

    I Does MWI predict spot size on screen

    The wave function as it approaches the screen in the double split experiment is extended all over space. How does the MWI (multi worlds interpretation) account for the energy hf of the particle being deposited on a very small area and producing a spot there rather than in a more extended area...
  40. Biniamin Piash

    Sweat on Screen, Interference or Refraction?

    When we touch the screen of a mobile or laptop we can see some colors on the sweat adhered to the screen.Which property of light can explain it? Is it for interference or for refraction?
  41. A

    Is the e-ink screen on e-readers really that fragile?

    i accidently dropped my kindle 4 NT onto the floor last week and the screen is messed up. it seems that the e-ink substrate is broken inside the screen. i always took my kindle everywhere i go, but this new relevation makes me aware how fragile the e-ink screen truly is, which begs the...
  42. V

    A photo of the computer screen -- what causes vertical lines

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/be52pax3jezv3cb/IMG_20170128_170143.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/be52pax3jezv3cb/IMG_20170128_170143.jpg?dl=0 I have question what causes vertical lines on the photo of the screen of my laptop? But I would like to find out it alone. Could someone lead me? I know...
  43. H

    Intensity at a point on the screen

    Homework Statement Monochromatic light of wavelength 592 nm from a distant source passes through a slit that is 0.0290 mm wide. In the resulting diffraction pattern, the intensity at the center of the central maximum (θ = 0∘) is 3.00×10−5 W/m2 . What is the intensity at a point on the screen...
  44. J

    B Variable focal length TV / screen

    Recently I have had a lot of eye strain from excessive computer use. The problem is because your eye lenses re stuck in a fixed position. I wanted to know if it would be possible to make a screen that is 1m away look like it is 4m away for example. Would it be possible by making the screen out...
  45. M

    I How can you detect which path an electron will take in a double-slit experiment?

    Say, you're running an electron double-slit experiment, firing one electron at a time, only that half of the screen where you record the interference pattern is moved further away from the slits. How would that affect the interference pattern? Would the electrons still go in the same ratio 50/50...
  46. S

    Point source of light, opaque screen with hole. photodiode problem

    Homework Statement A point source of light (wavelength \lambda = 600 \, \text{nm} ) is located a distance x = 10\,\text{m} away from an opaque screen with a small circular hole of radius b. A very small photodiode is moved on an axis from very far away toward the screen. The first...
  47. F

    Additive Color Mixing - red colored beams on a screen

    Hello Forum, Awhite background reflects all colors (i.e. all incident wavelengths). A black screen, being black, absorbs all incident types of light (i.e. absorbs all incident wavelengths). a)Let's consider a red monochromatic beam projected on a black screen inside a dark room. Would the...
  48. J

    Possible damage to laptop screen

    I know I am going to sound real paranoid with this question, but someone at my house was cleaning up, and they put a couple of textbooks on top of my laptop (the textbooks together weigh maybe 2-3 pounds). It was on top for maybe 15 minutes. I opened up the laptop to see if there was any damage...
  49. E

    A screen with three slits and 1 gets blocked --> diffraction?

    Homework Statement A screen with three equally spaced slits of the width b and separation a is illuminated at normal incidence with monochromatic light with wavelength lambda. A diffraction pattern is obtained at a distance L on another screen positioned behind the screen with the slits...
  50. P

    Traditional Glossy vs. Modern Matte: Which PC Screen is Superior?

    Which is better: the traditional glossy screen or that newer matte screen?