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Homework Help: Car collision with an object far away

  1. Nov 1, 2011 #1
    You drive a 2000kg truck at 20m/s up a hill on a 6° incline. A Duck stands 24m in front of you. You know when you break, a 16000N force is exerted on your car. Will you hit the duck?

    My Attempt:

    .5(2000kg)(20m/s)^2 = (16000N)(x)

    X = 25m, so you will hit the duck.

    I am definitely missing something. How do I incorporate the incline into the equation?
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    well what would happen if the truck was just sitting still on the incline? It would roll down right? So you have to figure out the force that gravity applies in the direction of the slope and add that to the force of friction since both friction and gravity are collaborating to stop the truck from moving up the hill.
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