Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) Safeguards Info Needed

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We would be working on with Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) for post graduate research. We are doing a thesis on liquid crystals and would be using CNT. Please let us know what what safeguards and precautions have to be taken when working with it in our lab.

Search engines have shown sites that say caution has to be taken. We want to know what cautions do we take. Should we use gloves and masks or should we go for overalls? If yes, then what kind of overalls should we purchase.


PS: If you have worked with CNT in anyways whatsoever, please feel free to share your experiences, esp with safety measures and tips/tricks. We promise to share our experiences in the labs too after we are done. :approve:


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CNTs are pretty easy to work with. Standard PPE (lab coat, safety glasses, gloves) should be fine unless you're generating a lot of dust (for example, if you're doing a lot of milling/pulverizing of samples), in which case, you should probably wear a dust mask.

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