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Carbon Steel Pipes to API 5L Grade B Standard Weight

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    This is for a Chilled water piping project (1000mm dia max). We are procuring pipes from SEAH Korea, from 250mm to 1000mm. And for calculations for support, load, thrust, etc, i need the following details for these pipes.

    1. Coefficient of Linear Expansion
    2. Longitudinal Elastic Modulus
    3. Allowable stress (for temperature below 40 deg C)

    I have got these details from a Japan manufacturer as 11.6 x 10^-6 K^-1 (0-100 deg C), 1.96*10^4 kg/mm^2 at 20 deg C, and 100 N/mm^2 respectively.

    Please advise how to calculate these things for the particular standard mentioned.

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    One could purchase the standard from API.

    Apparently there is an equivalence among API 5L grade B/ASTM A106 Grade B/ASTM A53 Grade B. But there may be subtle differences.

    Normally when one purchases a product, one specifies the applicable standard or code in the purchase order, which includes dimensional specs and materials properties, and the seller tests and certifies according to the standard.
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