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PIPES is the common name for piperazine-N,N′-bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid), and is a frequently used buffering agent in biochemistry. It is an ethanesulfonic acid buffer developed by Good et al. in the 1960s.

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  1. lifeisstrange444

    Fluid flow and elevation vs pressure

    Hey guys! does anyone have a graph of the relationship between elevation change and pressure loss in pipes? I currently have experimental data of a negative gradient graph. know it's theoretically correct however, I just need supporting research for this - have tried finding everywhere but...
  2. N

    Maximum pressure in a rubber pipe

    What maximum pressure this silicon pipe would withstand until blowing up? ID=1mm, OD=4mm, no cord or anything like that in the pipe, pure clear silicon.
  3. leifh

    Question about fluid flowing into branching pipes

    For above pipe or duct flowing (where point A and C are higher diameter than B), same volume flow for point A,B & C. Velocity B > Velocity A & C ; Pressure energy A > Pressure energy B ; friction pressure B > friction pressure A. Question one: When pipe or duct sizing to be reducing even...
  4. F

    Pressure in branching pipes when diameters are not equal

    Electrical engineer here hi! I'm little bit out of my comfort zone trying to figure out the following fluid mechanics problem. I have a branching pipe similar to schematic below... ...and I'm trying to find the pressures in branches 1 (p1) and 2 (p2). The d1 and d2 are not equal (d1 = 0.1*d...
  5. U

    Hydraulic lifting force of this arrangement of pipes

    Hello All, :) Please see the picture , input force F1 and area A1 and second area A2 are all same for 3 cases . in case 2 and 3 , red open outline represents a free-to-move , ie , "T" piece move upward for the 1st case , output force F2 should be F2=A2/A1 x F1 , by pascal's principle ...
  6. T

    Calculating Transient Heat Transfer in Pipes with Thick Walls

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to find how much heat can be stored in a concrete pipe of roughly 0.3-0.4m diameter, and an internal diameter of 0.05m. Air will travel through the internal diameter at 500°C and 17.5bar which will provide the heat for the pipes. This system will then be reversed so...
  7. K

    What are these DWV pipes with cables inside for?

    The main floor is an office. The second floor might be an apartment.
  8. kyphysics

    Do you think it's safe to have bleach go down house pipes?

    I'm thinking of toilets, showers, sinks, and laundry machine. Have seen various articles online all conflicting with each other. Some say it's fine and won't harm your home's pipes. Other say not to do it. And a possible middle-ground position is something like mix it with a lot of water...
  9. BlackPowder

    What is the difference between a waveguide/horn and regular metal pipes?

    What is the difference between those horns/waveguides and regular metal pieces with a same geometry? Why the microwave companies sell those parts at hundreds and thousands dollars? Why we cannot buy some metal sheets or pipes on McMaster-Carr with very low price and make some microwave...
  10. maistral

    Heat Transfer Coefficient in Large Pipe w/Smaller Pipes

    Hello, I have a question with regard to equipment design. How do I calculate the overall heat transfer coefficient for a large pipe who has smaller pipes in it? Say I have water flowing on the large pipe, and inside it there are three pipes with hot acid in them. Assuming they flow concurrently...
  11. B

    Non Corrosive pipes in compost

    So with our initial prototype for our anaerobic digester, we weren't able to sustain the right temperature inside the tanks. One idea we came up with is to use the heat from the compost bins that is only within 10-20 feet from our tanks. We plan to circulate the fluid inside the digestion tanks...
  12. T

    Maximum pull-off load, axial load and radial load of two strapped pipes

    Imagine the following scenario. A pipe is strapped to a larger "host" pipe using a steel strap and a spacer block as shown in the image below. If anyone could have a look at my calculations to confirm they are correct that would be brilliant! Variables Assuming the following general values I...
  13. Kasiopea

    Determine the forces exerted by the supports on the pipes at contact s

    I tried to solve it and I got that the forces on the cylinder A are: F_1= 58.8 and F_2=58.8 Cylinder B are: F_3=117.6 and F_4=117.6 Cylinder C are: F_5= 58.8 and F_6=117.6 Can someone help me with this?
  14. Clout

    Fluid mechanics - pump in a horizontal pipe connecting two pipes

    So when the velocity of v1 and v2 is 0 (because the tanks are much bigger), the bernoulli equation to dh is dh = (dp-dpl)/(rho*g) with dp = Phyd / V = 1000W / 0.01m³/s = 10^5 Pa and rho = 1000 kg/m³ So I am getting first without the pressure loss on the orifice dh = 10^5 Pa / (1000 kg/m³ *...
  15. D

    What is the relationship between pipes and temperature?

    It seems for me that something is missing on the question. Actually, I do not know where to start.
  16. ikihi

    Fluid dynamics: pressure in pipes

    So I've been discussing this problem with my plumber dad. I uploaded the picture. I'm wondering if the pressure would change in the red pipe since the diameter decreases to 4 cm. Assume the 1st 10 cm pipe is full with water. Question: If the home pressure is 517 kPa going through first pipe...
  17. S

    Pressure in a 2" pipe branching into four 1" pipes

    Hello all, I am an Electronics Engineer, working in an R&D Organisation specializing in Electronics and Advanced Computing. My area of work is Control & Instrumentation related to Industrial Automation. I am trying to identify the a solenoid valve to be used on a 2" pipe. For this I need to...
  18. M1gu3l

    Calculate Heat Loss from Pipes: Tips & Example Calculation

    Hi, I wanted to do some rough "back of the envelope"-calculations of heat losses from pipes, with water circulating in them, to compare to the results of various programs' simulations. I was not very successful as I was perhaps hoping to get rough estimates in the range 20-200% off, but right...
  19. M

    MHB If both pipes are used together, how long will it take to fill 2/3 of the tank?

    One inlet pipe fills an empty tank in 5 hours. A second inlet pipe fills the same tank in 3 hours. If both pipes are used together, how long will it take to fill 2/3 of the tank? My Work: Let x = time when both pipes are used together (1/5) + (1/3) = 1/x I found x to be 15/8 hours. Must I...
  20. K

    The height of a dielectric material between two coaxial pipes

    Homework Statement This is the exercise 10.6 from Feynman lectures on Physics 2. Two coaxial pipes of radii a and b(a<b) are lowered vertically into an oil bath. If a voltage V is applied between the pipes, show that the oil rises a height H. Show that H=(V^2)(κ-1)ε_0/[ln(b/a)ρ(b^2-a^2)g] where...
  21. M

    Continuity equation and mass flowing through two pipes

    Can we apply continuity equation between the given two cases? The only difference in the second case is that the pipe of diameter d2 is replaced by a pipe of diameter d3. Will the mass flow rate be same for both the cases.
  22. C

    Pipes & loads.... will it topple over?

    Hope someone can help me. I am not versed in statics nor blessed with a mechanical vein. I'd like to install a 1" steel floor flange in the middle of a 24"x24"x1" plywood. A vertical 15" long 1" threaded steel pipe would be connected to the flange at one end and a T fitting on the other...
  23. E

    Implementing a Unix Shell in C

    Homework Statement Assignment instructions are as follows: For the purposes of this assignment, we've been provided with some skeleton code (the "myshell.c" program mentioned in the instructions). I'll post it here: #include <stdio.h> #include <sys/wait.h> #include <unistd.h> #include...
  24. T

    [Fluid Dynamics] Losses in branched pipes etc.

    Hi all, I'd like to confirm my understanding on some things regarding pressure losses in a branched pipe for a project. Referring to the picture below I grabbed off from the net. (assume no elevation chan Would appreciate if someone can correct me if I'm wrong anywhere. 1) Total pressure...
  25. Greg Bernhardt

    Plumbing Insulating radiator pipes in basement

    Common advice is to insulate hot water radiator pipes in the basement so you're not wasting money heating the basement. However, I wonder if it's really cost effective. I have a ton of pipes zigzagging in the basement. Cheap pipe insulation only seems to come in sizes 1/2 3/4 and 1in. However...
  26. E

    Method of Images two parallel pipes at potentials of 0 & +V

    Consider the scenario where there are two parallel conducting pipes of radius R separated by a distance d, with pipe 1 at a potential of -V and pipe 2 at a potential +V. I have seen from many sources that there is a very easy method of images solution to the potential outside the pipes, given...
  27. B

    B Suction Through Small & Large Pipes

    Hi, I am wondering if suction power from a vacuum for example that has a set amount of power, is increased or decreased depending on the size of pipe. Does a large pipe decease/ increase the suction power, or does a small pipe decease/ increase the suction power? Is there a link to the size in...
  28. J

    Directional Grooves on the Interior of Pipes

    Hey everyone! My name is Jing and I am participating in a one month summer program called SHAD where 800 high school students across Canada come together to try and solve some of the world's most multi-dimensional problems. One of the aspects of this program is the Entrepreneurial Project, where...
  29. T

    B Why does end correction in pipes change with radius

    This being WRT resonating pipes. Apparently the acoustical length of the pipe is different to the physical length due to the vibration of the sound particles moving the particles at the opening so that the physical length is no longer the length of resonance. I've found many sources on the...
  30. L

    Pascal's law and kinetic energy in pipes

    If you have a U-shaped pipe like the attached image, with more fluid in the left column than the right, then the fluid will level out basically because of Pascal's Law. Force on the fluid is exerted on every part of it in equal direction etc.. So when the fluid levels itself it flows across to...
  31. S

    Two flow lines (pipes) meging into one

    I got two flow lines at 90 degree angle, Line A carrying acid and line B carrying water, each with 1 inch diameter, merging at point P. The third line C beginning at point P, also 1" diameter, should carry 90% water and 10% acid. I came up with option 1 but not sure how to achieve the same using...
  32. A

    How Do You Calculate Fluid Velocities in Diverging Pipes?

    Homework Statement Flow in a pipe splits into two parallel pipes. All three pipes have same length L, and same friction factor f. Diameter of first pipe is D. The two parallel pipes have diameter D and D/2. All three pipes are on same horizontal level. At the outlet of the two parallel pipes...
  33. B

    Thermal expansion of a pipe with wall temperature gradient

    I have a pipe holding liquid at 80°C. The outside atmosphere is -2°C. The pipe gets a temperature gradient over the wall thickness. The outside fibers will thus restrain the inner fibers from expanding. I would like to know the increase in the inner dia of the pipe. I have found temperature...
  34. T

    Testing water pipes with air pressure

    Picture a piping system made up of threaded steel pipes. It is to hold regular water at 7-10 bars. When testing the system for leaks, air is used due to a frost issue and the consequences of a larger leak with water. But what holds water doesn't hold air, and so it slowly leaks out. The question...
  35. G

    Energy harvesting from hot pipes in home

    Hi guys, I was just thinking about something and I'd love to get your opinion. How much energy do you think is lost from water pipes getting hot and releasing that energy into the air? In a three bedroom house there are probably a lot of hot pipes releasing heat energy. Do you think some sort...
  36. Silverlight

    Pressure in a straight pipe vs a curved pipe?

    Hi everyone. My dad was debating with his friends over something, and he asked me for my opinion too. I've been on these forums before so I thought I'd ask here. So let's say you have two pipes. Both have the same cross-sectional area, same fluid inside, and they both extend to the same height...
  37. E

    Using concentric pipes as an inductive heater

    Hi Everyone, I am a mechanical Engineer, playing in the electrical word :) I was thinking about creating an inductive heater, that was based on 2 concentric pipes, with a current flow path that is from the inside pipe, through to the outside pipe, and utilizing an induction power supply to...
  38. T

    Does energy or force provide a better understanding of fluid dynamics?

    When water moves from a larger pipe into a smaller pipe it speeds up which I think everyone will agree. Is the pressure of the faster moving water in the smaller tube greater than the same area/volume of water in the larger pipe? Many refer to the force equation and Bernoulli's principle...
  39. F

    Network Pipe Flow: Understanding Assumptions and Calculating Junction Position

    Homework Statement from the diagram , we know that the junction is lower than the pipe at B . why the author want to make an assumption that the junction is located at 20m from the datum ? is it correct to do so ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution eventually , i found the ans is...
  40. C

    Pressure Loss in Parallel Pipes

    Hi, I know this is simple but I'd like someone to clarify for me, because my lecturer wasn't clear: Obviously when the pipes are in parallel, the head losses across them are the same. But what about the total head loss for the parallel pipes as a whole? I have 3 ideas, but I'm not sure which...
  41. F

    Solving the Network of Pipes: Two Possible Answers?

    Homework Statement in this network of pipe , the author make the attempts to solve it using ( Q1 = Q2 + Q3) , so delta Q = Q1 -(Q2 +Q3) , the value of head of junction that he gt is 25.2 , with delta Q = (3x10^-3) ( not shown in the working) Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution however...
  42. K

    1 pipe branching into 3 pipes, pressure of each branch?

    Hello all, I am a mechanical engineer, graduated just last year. Although I am not working with fluid mechanics right now, I was browsing through my fluids book from school and saw the section on pipe networks. As I was reading, I developed this question which I could not find an answer to in...
  43. F

    Finding the center of mass in a system of pipes

    Homework Statement System S is static and is comprised of 3 identical metal pipes A, B and C which are placed so that A lays ontop of B and C. B lays into the y axis. The length of the pipes are orientated parallel with the z axis. The outer and inner radius of each pipe is (Outer : 0.51m)...
  44. L

    How does opening multiple valves affect the water flow through pipes?

    Homework Statement I'm going to regulate a tank using a PID-controller. I want to simulate this in MATLAB though and met a problem while calculating the mathematical model. The problem is the following: The three valves are either fully open or fully closed. The diameter in the pipes are all...
  45. gmax137

    Freezing Water Pipes: Hot or Cold is the Bigger Risk?

    Well, it's that time of year again in New England and discussions are on about freezing water pipes. I'm being told hot water pipes freeze and burst more often than the cold water pipes. Any believers ?
  46. D

    How does pipe diameter affect pressure in fluid flow?

    How does change in pipe diameter affect pressure? For example, ethylene in a 6" pipe at 400 psi, enters a 1" pipe. How does the pressure change? I am fairly sure that pressure decreases and velocity increases. However, I need to know how pressure decreases? At what rate? Is it linear?
  47. R

    Wall heating - through water pipes

    Hello, Me and my buddys doing aproject on Heat transfer. we choose wall heating as our subject and we have some issue on modeling the system. our system is : two walls, one exposed to the atmosphere the other is the house wall. between them there's a pipe with hot water and some aire. we...
  48. R

    Calculating bending stress for pipes

    I'm making a robotic structure using hydraulics and pipes, and I need to choose what size pipe and thickness I will be using. I've searched online to the best of my ability but all I got were equations for I-beams. I've taken statics in college so I know how to calculate all the loads in a...
  49. R

    Accurately Bending Pipes: What Info Do You Need?

    Hi everyone, Im a draftsman that has to give a drawing for pipe bending, what information is needed so the pipe can be bent accurately? Thanks
  50. E

    Communicating vases, maximum height before rest (water in pipes)

    I do not know much about computers too (not really true but I am not really up to date), I do not know if I am doing what I am supposed to, here is my first simple question: Two connected pipes, equal diameter (internal) 100 mm, same height (2200 mm), I have water in one pipe at 2000 mm, in the...