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Career change - any advice welcomed

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm finishing my BA this year in a humanistic field(theology) and would like to change paths to neuroscience/neurobiology with a master in one of these fields ,and later pursue a Phd in the same field.
    However , I am worried that my bachelor degree would make it impossible to pursue a Phd in such a field.
    Would the master degree be enough ?Should I get a BA in Biology/more appropriate field?
    I hope this is the right section for the post.

    thank you
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    Once you've earned your Master's, I don't think your lack a Bachelor's in that field will be a deal breaker. Your research and grades earned while getting the Master's will be more important, I think.

    To be sure though, you should ask the profs in the PhD departments at the schools you'd like to attend.
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    Thank you lisab.Any other opinions welcomed(esp. from within the field).

    thank you
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    The problem will be whether or not you will be accepted onto a Masters programme without a Bachelors degree in the subject.
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    Cristo , I have 2 options in regards to the master degree : one is a master in neurobiology at the University of Bucharest (at home) and the second is a master in Cognitive sciences (with a psychology focus) in Spain.(I would have to take a extra year for additional courses).
    My main worry is ,as I mentioned before , that this will be of no use because of my previous unrelated BA.
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