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Career change to Aerospace from Architecture- need advice

  1. Mar 19, 2015 #1
    My name is Lara and I"m posting on behalf of my boyfriend who has a degree in Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona. He's been working since college on movie sets as a production designer (building/designing sets). He recently realized a passion for the Aerospace field and specifically wants to work on spacecraft design (but is willing to work in the field in general and completely understands the protocol of starting at entry level positions). I've already researched what it takes and everything mostly points to a 4 year Bachelor degree. I'm wondering if anyone has information on whether his Architecture degree can cover 2 years worth of what I assume are the basic math and physics courses. And if so, any recommendations for schools (we are in Los Angeles), both online or brick and morter, and/or companies that have opportunities such as paying for school while working for them. He is SUPER proficient in math and physics and I believe will breeze through the engineering courses.

    It's just a matter of finding the most efficient path for the education so he can just get to work! Would love ANY advice!!

    Thank you,
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    I believe it depends on whether the university is willing to acknowledge this part of his architecture degree. The most efficient way of finding this out would be to contact the university directly as it might differ from university to university (or rather with the persons making this type of decisions at different universities).
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    Does he have any interests in particular regarding the development of spacecraft? I'm sure spacecraft are giant projects that require teams of different types of engineers, from electrical to control the circuitry to mechanical and aerospace to deal with propulsion and aerodynamics.
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    Since he has an Architectural background already, maybe he should consider ergonomics engineering, specifically optimal layout of instrumentation. He may be able to apply much more of his current background to that and get into interior design of the control panels or aircraft controls layout.

    The option of an Architect going back to an engineering school will be tough as he will likely need at least 2 more years and possibly more to take courses that are totally outside of his current background.
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