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Career in alternative energies engineering.

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    Career in alternative energies engineering.......

    I have a BS in Mechanical Enineering with several years experience with general ME practices (i.e CAD design of parts and systems, CAM and machine work, project management). I am looking to start a carrer in alternative energy engineering. I am not interested in the Green buildings/LEED side of this feild, more so in the energy section (i.e solar, wind, geothermal). Is there any advise on how to jump into this feild given my ME backgound? I would not be apposed to going back to school or getting more training, I just do not know where to go/start. Are there any Masters programs in alternative/sustainable/green energy that are recomemnded? Is there a place where I can find rankings of these programs? Any direction with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
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    Re: Career in alternative energies engineering.......

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    I don't know that there are any degrees designed for "alternative energy engineering" - why not just use your degree as-is? You could get a job working on wind turbines for GE, a nuclear power plant, a hydro turbine company, a heat pump design firm, etc. with an ME degree.
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    Re: Career in alternative energies engineering.......

    A BSME is all you need to get a job in alternative energy. Here in the state of michigan, a lot of universities offer certificates in alternative energy which you get after taking 3 or 4 related courses, but in my opinion these are pointless.

    If you want to work in alternative energy I recommend you go out and look for a job that suits your desires. Like Russ said, you have a lot of options.
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