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Career in research in physics after 14 yrs in IT

  1. Oct 5, 2015 #1
    I am into IT consulting for last 14 years after completing my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. I have a dream since my childhood to build career in research in physics. The closest I came to my dream when I appeared for JSET-2001 and got interview call from RRI and IIA. I am planning to change my career for which I am planning to appear for the exams like GATE/JEST which is a pre-requisite for Ph D programmer in physics in most of top Indian Institutes like IISc, TIFR, IITs etc. Can you please guide me how to start with in achieving my dream. I have started brushing up the foundations in mathematical physics, quantum mechanics and electrodynamics.
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    I am not sure of the situation in India. Institutions may be looking for younger students and younger new professors (so they can have long and illustrious careers). A few good standardized test scores may not make up for the fact that you haven't done any schooling or research in a very long time. You should consider abandoning the idea of being a career physicist. Claiming that you have "brushed up" will likely do you no good in getting accepted. If you must pursue it, take a part time job and move near a decent school. Ask professors if you can sit in on a class or find a way to take classes without being enrolled in a PhD program. After doing this you will have a better sense of whether you can overcome the barriers. You may find you have to be better than your fellow students in order to have a decent shot against them. Also, try not to bring up your age or exactly how long you have worked.
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    Any worthwhile goal demands certain sacrifices to achieve. There will be pain, but, nothing like the pain of regret in not having given it a shot. Failure is always an option, age and opportunity are not. I say go for it. At worst you will have the comfort of having tried.
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