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Career options for someone with a Masters?

  1. Oct 4, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone.
    I just joined this forum as I've been thinking what to do with my somewhat stalled career.
    I completed a Masters in 2004 from ANU, my major was atom optics but most of the work was in laser engineering essentially. I started a PhD the next year at UTS in Sydney and that didn't go very well, I got a casual job in 2008 at a engineering R&D firm in North Ryde that should be known to a few in this forum, the hours were part time but eventually went up. The PhD stalled and I officially withdrew at the start of 2011. So I'm looking to change jobs but looking out there most of the jobs require PhD's in academia and more and more so in Industry too. Any advice would be welcome. I still have a passion for physics and science in general hence I'm trying to get back to something I enjoy more rather than engineering.
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