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Career-wise, does it help to join IEEE?

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    Is it worth it to join IEEE? I've been active with the IEEE student chapter and have been a national student member. But, are there any direct benefits of it? (Aside from getting the magazines, and I don't read the papers on there much).
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    probbaly the best benefit is the networking
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    I'm in academia and I use the IEEE Xplore daily. Besides that, IEEE has some great webinars which are geared towards professionals for both technical and career development.
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    The benefits really start when you achieve Chartered status. Sticking as a member until that point shows commitment to the profession.
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    Yes. But to really get benefits, one must actively participate. I was in IEEE for many years but finally dropped it because I wasn't so active. I might re-join, but I belong to 6 other technical societies and sit on a number of committees, and I participate in various national and international meetings/conferences. Committee members usually involve the main researchers and managers in industry.
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