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Caricaturist asking your advice (physicists drawings)

  1. Aug 20, 2010 #1
    Hi, Friends!

    I've been working on a collection of caricatures of great historical figures that includes some physicists like Newton, Galileo or Einstein and mathmaticians like Euler and Gauss. For that, I was shamelessness and entered here.
    Now, I need some feedback about the drawings and some advice about some options of the business that are still open. So, I prepared a brief presentation of the ideia, with some few direct questions about it.
    For those of you who are willing to help me, here it is http://www.fighum.com [Broken]. It will take you just 2 or 3 minutes.

    I would be most appreciated if you give me your advice! :)
    Thank you!
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  3. Aug 20, 2010 #2

    That's really awesome. Please do a Faraday and a Maxwell. Oppenheimer would be pretty intense looking also (all in the eyes).
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  4. Aug 20, 2010 #3
    Thank you very much, Francis!

    Maxwell is ready and Faraday is almost ready (thanks to their electricity achievments, I can draw over night!)
    Oppenheimer I'm sure will soon blast!
  5. Aug 20, 2010 #4
    I see what you did there; and yes, that's quite humorous. :biggrin:
  6. Aug 20, 2010 #5
    Just thought of another favorite: Edwin Hubble. You know, the pipe and everything. He'd probably be fun to do.
  7. Aug 20, 2010 #6
    Francis, Hubble is in my list too, but in an earlier stage of development.
    But unfortunatly I drawn him without is pipe!
  8. Aug 20, 2010 #7
    Hmm...how about Rosalind Franklin then?
  9. Aug 20, 2010 #8
    Rosalind Franklin I must confess I don't know who she was, Francis...
  10. Aug 20, 2010 #9
    Zwicky would be a good one. He had a rather interesting facial expression in one picture. From people who knew him, that picture was pretty typical.

    I'm posting from my phone, so I can't link a picture, but you can't miss it.
  11. Aug 20, 2010 #10
    Hum, I don't know Zwicky as well!
  12. Aug 20, 2010 #11
    Okay. Just going to throw some folks out there that I've admired...

    Carl Sagan

    Edwin Land

    Marie Curie

    Henri Becquerel

    Alessandro Volta

    Hans Christian Orsted

    Charles Babbage

    Heinrich Hertz
  13. Aug 20, 2010 #12
    Well that is the problem. When people think DNA, they usually remember Francis Crick and James Watson. But they actually stole Rosalind Franklin's x-ray diffraction photographs, and that's how they got the idea for the double helix.

    Sons a bitches. Damn you Maurice Wilkins! :rofl:
  14. Aug 20, 2010 #13
    You gotta do Erwin : http://scienceblogs.com/builtonfacts/2008/09/28/sch [Broken]
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  15. Aug 20, 2010 #14
    I will take note about the names you give me. Some I have already, others I know, others I don' know...
    I have James Watson, for instance. I'm just aware of the "official" history, so I can be unfair.
    Dr, Erwin Shrodinger I couldn't miss! He is a baby in the same day I am! haha
  16. Aug 20, 2010 #15
    To motivate why I pick Zwicky, he came up with the idea of supernovae, neutron stars, and dark matter. He was incredibly influential, but because nobody liked him, he never became famous. He had a habit of calling his colleagues "spherical bastards" because they were "bastards no matter which way you looked at them."

    If you only want to do famous scientists, leave him out, but if you want important scientists, put him in.

    Nikola Tesla fulfills a similar role in electrical engineering. He isn't as well known as Edison, but he was far more influential.
  17. Aug 20, 2010 #16
    I agree: Tesla and Zwicky all the way.
  18. Aug 20, 2010 #17
    I'd love to see your interpretation of Paul Dirac...
  19. Aug 20, 2010 #18
    I'm taking note of your posts here.
    Infact, I try that my criteria is real influence and not fame for itself.
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