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Homework Help: Carry and Overflow question. Really simple.

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    Let me get this right. A carry occurs when for example I add 2 8bits binary together and get 9 bits. The extra 1 bit is the carry right? (Means I get 1 extra bit from the original 2.)

    So overflow means for example when I add 2 positive binary together, and I get a negative right? (Means the result is in the wrong sign.)

    So what if a carry and overflow occurs together? Which is the overflow bit?

    For example If I get the result 1011 when 1 is the carry bit and 011 is the result within range. Which is the overflow bit? 1 or 0? Is the overflow bit the carry bit? or must I take the MSB of the digit that is within ranger as the overflow bit?

    Hope u understand my question?
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