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I Causal Fermion System and revival of Dirac Sea

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    If the Higgs Field could exist with constant 246GeV across all of space. How come the Dirac Sea couldn't exist? If the Universe can easily accommodate Higgs Field.. why not Dirac Sea for all particles.

    Also how does the Dirac Sea of bosons work? Like W+, W-? Any idea?

    I was asking about the classical Dirac Sea.

    For modern Dirac Sea, there seems to be a revival

    "Dirac's original concept of a sea of particles was revived in the theory of causal fermion systems, a recent proposal for a unified physical theory. In this approach, the problems of the infinite vacuum energy and infinite charge density of the Dirac sea disappear because these divergences drop out of the physical equations formulated via the causal action principle.[9] These equations do not require a preexisting space-time, making it possible to realize the concept that space-time and all structures therein arise as a result of the collective interaction of the sea states with each other and with the additional particles and "holes" in the sea."

    What is the consensus of the experts? Is there no possibility for Dirac's original concept to be viable?

    How about Causal Fermion Systems? What do you think of it? What flaws can you see here that can bury the whole (old and modern idea of) Dirac Sea for good?
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    Thread closed temporarily to address a post report...
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    There are no useful similarities between the two, so the Higgs field's existence says nothing whatever about the possibility or impossibility of the Dirac Sea's existence.

    It doesn't. The whole concept of the "Dirac Sea" could only apply to fermions, since it relied on the Pauli exclusion principle. However, for many good reasons, the concept has been abandoned.

    Not of Dirac's original concept; the "causal fermion systems" hypothesis avoids a number of the difficulties with Dirac's original concept. However, that is still a speculative hypothesis at this point, and any discussion of it belongs in the Beyond the Standard Model forum (with appropriate citations to actual peer-reviewed papers discussing it). Please start a new thread there if you want to discuss that hypothesis (and please avoid referring to any similarities with the original Dirac sea concept, since they have nothing to do with the actual physics of the new hypothesis).
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    The OP question has been answered. The thread will remain closed.
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