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Stargazing Celestron UpClose Porro Series 10-30 x 50 Zoom Binoculars

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    I found these on amazon "Celestron UpClose Porro Series 10-30 x 50 Zoom Binoculars"...Are they good?
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    Re: Planning to buy a first telescope?

    Wondering. How good are the National Geographic Telescopes? Specifically NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 114/900MM AZ. Say compared to the Bresser Galaxia 114/900.
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    Re: Planning to buy a first telescope?

    A good rule of thumb is "the more you spend, the better they will be".
    Obviously it's not always that simple, but generally it works out that way in my opinion. I'd look for similar products and see what the price range is for them. If yours is at the bottom of the bucket, it's probably not too good.
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    Re: Planning to buy a first telescope?

    Of course. That's the rule of thumb I've gone by on most occasions. From what I can see the two are somewhat similar, but the difference is in the stand, which I understand is quite important.

    I'm actually asking cause my birthday is right around the corner and I've been meaning to put a telescope on my wish list and these are around the price I could probably sum up if most of my family gathered round. I doubt they will, but you can always live in the hope, can't you?

    I can't find much else than Bresser Galaxia 114/900 or Bresser Pollux 150/1400 (but without a 3x Barlow) or Bresser Lyra 70/900 at that price range. The National Geographic one is a little cheaper, but the stand appears somewhat worse.
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    Re: Planning to buy a first telescope?

    Another good rule of thumb is that you can buy base-level optics from a well-respected manufacturer and probably get superior quality. I bought my basic Nikon 50x7s from L.L. Bean, and they are wonderful. High-end manufacturers can let their quality-control and good materials permeate their whole line without busting the bank. Buying optics from some line that sources their gear from various manufacturers in China offers you no such advantages. Good luck!
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