What is Zoom: Definition and 21 Discussions

Zoom Cloud Meetings (commonly shortened to Zoom) is a proprietary video teleconferencing software program developed by Zoom Video Communications. The free plan allows up to 100 concurrent participants, with a 40-minute time restriction. Users have the option to upgrade by subscribing to a paid plan. The highest plan supports up to 1,000 concurrent participants for meetings lasting up to 30 hours.During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a major increase in the use of Zoom for remote work, distance education, and online social relations. The increase led to Zoom being the 5th most downloaded mobile app worldwide in 2020 at 477 million downloads.

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  1. DaveC426913

    Fritzy video broadcast on zoom

    My wife has a bunch of Zoom meetings this week. Her incoming feed is fine but everyone sees her as this blocky frozen screen. It starts off OK but then starts to freeze and corrupt until it's just coloured stripes and blocks. I am on the same (Bell) network and my speedtest showed 100Mb+ for...
  2. grindagrom

    I Why does a spyglass or binoculars zoom in?

    Why does a spyglass or binoculars zoom in? How does it work? I know a little about optics. But here's what interests me: how does a beam of light entering the binocular lens bring the object closer? This beam of light has certain information inside, and this information is "decoded" by...
  3. MathematicalPhysicist

    Support of Zoom meetings in the Opera Browser

    As far as I can tell Zoom meeting isn't working properly in my Opera Browser in my old Win 10 Laptop. I can hear the other participant in the meeting but I'm not seeing his video. Is this because Zoom doesn't support Opera Browser? That's my first guess, since according to the page here...
  4. rubenhak

    Adding Zooming Capability to my Far Infrared Spectrum Sensor

    Physics noob here. I have the cheapest FLIR sensor (80x60 px sensor). It captures Longwave infrared, 8 μm to 14 μm. It has a tiny lens (probably 1mm in diameter). Trying to add a zoom ability to this sensor. I have different DSLR lens and other optical scopes. I tried holding the tiny FLIR...
  5. Jarvis323

    Zoom-Clude®: A new extension for occluding people in zoom videos

    You may have watched this interview of Nobel prize winner, Roger Penrose. Now with Zoom-Clude®, the amazing nobel prize winning Firefox extension, you can block out the left person on a video of a 2 person zoom meeting. The extensions works on both PF and YouTube. Different occlusion...
  6. A

    Need help with Zoom client on my tablet with Android version 6.0

    to use zoom client meeting app on my tablet with Android version 6.0 although older version is installed but every time I try joining a meeting it asks for update and the latest version isn't compatible .also the browser isn't doing any good.
  7. B

    C# Is there a way to accurately zoom in and out on a picture using C#?

    All, I am having problem with Zoom. I make a small program, that when I click, it zooms into a picture. the problem I am having is after I zoom the 1st time getting the right values to do the next zoom in a new location I did not zoom to the place place. This is because I am get the back...
  8. Fanny Viksten

    Why does cold air seem to optically zoom in far-away objects?

    I have noticed that cold air makes far away objects, such as mountains, appear closer than they do in warm clear weather. Does anyone have an explanation for this?
  9. kolleamm

    HTML/CSS, element position affected by zoom

    I'm trying to make a simple HTML page that has a few elements. The problem is that when I zoom in using the mouse wheel and holding down Ctrl everything starts to go all over the place and it just looks completely mixed. I tried to find solutions to this but have had no luck so far. I want my...
  10. K

    How can I create an adjustable liquid lens system for windows?

    Hi everyone, I am working on a project on my final project in Product design. The project is about translating digital concept into the analogue world. In my project I am especially interested in the digital “Windows” and am trying to apply the functions and possibilities of digital on to...
  11. I

    Zoom and pan in MS Excel graph

    I have a lot pressure data (in CSV) taken over a long time and would like to dynamically zoom and pan to analyse the data. Any suggestions?
  12. K

    Correcting camera distance with zoom

    So I have four pinhole type cameras in my experimental setup. All of them have the same magnification and are placed at the same distance away at different locations except one which has a different magnification and zoom. This camera is 72.5% further and has 52.5% less magnification as the rest...
  13. B

    Stargazing Celestron UpClose Porro Series 10-30 x 50 Zoom Binoculars

    I found these on amazon "Celestron UpClose Porro Series 10-30 x 50 Zoom Binoculars"...Are they good?
  14. W

    To zoom in, or to zoom out?

    Hi All, To zoom in, or to zoom out .. that is the question: http://htwins.net/scale2/ Isn't it amazing .. that we're arrogant enough to claim that it all probably comes from a single equation? Wow! Wakabaloola :)
  15. K

    Visually attractive Mandelbrot zoom points

    Hi, I have been working on some Mandelbrot wallpapers for some time but have so far only visualized the whole set i.e. no zooming. I think that it could be nice with wallpapers visualizing a zoomed in part of the border of the set. Does anyone know coordinates to interesting places for zooming...
  16. H

    Exploring Exoplanets: Could We Zoom In on Their Surfaces?

    I keep seeing reports about how all the planets similar to Earth in other nearby planetary systems are now being discovered. Since we won't have the technology to send probes or go there ourselves for some time, all we can do is look at them. My question is: Could we ever get better resolution...
  17. W

    Using a zoom camera to identify object and laser to track

    Hey You may have seen the mosquito killing laser system from the intellectual ventures lab. In the description of the system they say the zoom camera identifies an object (mosquito) and from that they are able to direct a green laser on it and track it. What I am wondering is how the...
  18. T

    Problem concerning zoom lens in camera

    Problem concerning zoom lens in camera... This problem deals with a diverging lens placed to the right of a converging lens. The converging lens has a focal length of 12cm and the diverging lens has a focal length of -12cm. The lenses are separated by 4cm. a) For a distant object, where is...
  19. T

    Augmented reality rotation & zoom

    I'm working on augmented reality engine and I have a following problem. I'm tracking a 2D rectangle tracking picture inside an other picture (webcam stream). I have detected all four 2D corner coordinates for that tracking picture. Now I need to calculate from the corner coordiantes how the...
  20. Z

    Zoom in is equivalent to move forward?

    For the digital cameras, is the zoom-in is equivalent to move forward the camera? My simple camera gives me 5 level zoom in, it has 3X optical zoom, but it takes me to press the button 5 times to reach the highest limit. Can I determine the forward distance of each zoom-in button pressed...
  21. T

    Understanding Camera Zoom Lens Calculations

    Homework Statement A digital camera has a 3x zoom lens whose focal length can be varied between 6-18mm. The lens is assumed to be thin. The image is formed on a CCD sensor whose diameter is 10mm. 1. How large an object can be captured with the camera if the object is at distance of 10m from...