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Censorship is too dominating here

  1. Mar 8, 2010 #1
    To the admins, the "James Cameron" thread was the best topic in GD and you guys censored everything. You took down posts and I am not sure that is the right thing to do. Why can't a debate just happen. There was no name-calling. No cursing. Believe it or not, I was actually starting to like DanP and zomgwtf. I think it is improper to censor and coerce the flow of topic. Life is not always rosy and it should be OK to have spirited debates. I'm sorry, but this is morally wrong no matter how you spin it. I actually like DanP and zomgwtf! I cannot get to know them without first placing them in an uncomfortable debate.
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    The posts that were deleted were not of debate. They were mindless drivel adding nothing to the discussion. PF strives for fun but productive and useful discussion. PF is not an AOL chat room :)
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    I understand. but geez, it was harmless. :uhh:

    Why can't scientist dabble in a little harmless fun? Nothing bad happened :devil:
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    The posts that were deleted were off topic, immature bickering, and had nothing of value to add to the thread.
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    why did it not add value to the thread? The fundamental core was the destructive power of stereotyping, and quite frankly there was some good debates. Its censorship.
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    There is a PF chat on Sunday.
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    Not the same. I'm still perplexed at how posts disappear. Its censorship and then we are made to feel like we are immature idiots. Sorry, but that's not right. No name-calling occurred.
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    It is a private website, they can delete whatever they feel like deleting. If you don't like it I am sure there are plenty of other forums out there.
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  11. Mar 8, 2010 #10
    this has got to be the lamest argument. it did not take long for someone to use "oh, if you dont like it, then take a walk". I cannot think of a more gratuitous response than yours.

    OK, so we agree, the admins censor their posts because it is a private forum. Got it. Thank you MotoH for your supremely intelligent insight.
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    Thank you Count, at least you put some reasoning behind your answer. Whether its true or not, i am not sure. But, at least there was thought.

    Wow, it was fast that this thread appeared on that site.
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    From our guidelines, all of the below were violated.

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    OK, but then there are posts still left in the James Cameron thread with disparaging remarks, and they are buried in the posts but they are still there.

    As soon as censorship begins, then why are some remarks allowed to stay but others arent? Ah, the slippery slope of censorship. :devil:
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    PF has been a leader in the science communities for almost a decade. What we are doing works. PF is run by volunteers who have normal lives (I think? :D ). Our moderation is not perfect nor that I care it to be.
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    I'm not through editing. It's not censorship either, it's bringing the thread back within our guidelines.

    Have you read the guidelines? You realize that breaking the guidelines can result in infractions?
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    I sometimes like to push buttons not because i am a jerk or anything like that, but I get to see emotions from the other person(s). And it is when i see these emotions do they become humanized in my mind. You have to understand that forums are nothing but words and faceless people. I need humanization to feel like I am a part of something. I don't know, the censorship is really a problem for me. But i also understand that the burden is on me to "get over it". Kind of sucks because I do like it here. I have already learned a lot about cosmology in only a short time. And there is so much more to learn. I'm confused how to juggle my philosophy of censorship with the quality of information here.

    Regards, Magnus
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    No it wasn't. The core was are you unhappy that Cameron's film was not a winner at the Oscars. The subject line is a big giveaway.

    If you want to discuss the destructive power of stereotyping, start a thread called the destructive power of stereotyping. Then people who want to discuss the destructive power of stereotyping will go there, and people who want to discuss Cameron's film not winning at the Oscars will go there.

    More practically, the thread was degenerating into a debate about DanP's age. That is tantamount to an ad hominem.
  19. Mar 8, 2010 #18
    Oh snap Dave. I had to look up that phrase.

    tantamount = equivalent in value
    ad hominem = argument against the person
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    This thread has also degraded. Locked.
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    We prefer people to exercise good judgement and self-restraint.


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