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Centripetal force in London Eye

  1. Jan 24, 2010 #1
    The centripetal force is caused by: Friction between seat & person or push of capsule wall on person.

    How come the answer is not the Tension in the cable?
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  3. Jan 24, 2010 #2
    The cable is not directly connected to the person and so can't be causing the centripetal force on the person.
    At the top of the wheel, for example, the centripetal force on a person is caused by gravity; i.e. their weight. At different points on the circle, the centripetal force will be caused by different combinations of a number of forces.
    Can you be more specific with what the question is asking for?
  4. Jan 24, 2010 #3
    Just to state what causes the force "R" , which is an arrow pointing towards the centre.

    Thanks for the reply
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