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Ceq of 3 capacitors in a triangle

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    I'm a little confused about this problem. I attached the pic. The solution manual states " capacitors C1 and C3 are in
    series with each other and in parallel with capacitor C2."

    I don't understand why it has to be C1 and C3 in series which is parallel with C2.

    Can't it also be C2&C3 in series and parallel with C1

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    Which two of the vertices, a, b, c, are assumed to be the terminals?

    Please state the whole problem as it was given to you.
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    Oh they said "find an expression for the equivalent capacitance between points a and c in terms of the 3 capacitance values." But they didn't say they were the terminals tho, unless that statement implies it.
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    Yes, the statement implies it.
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